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For anyone just starting out with Mimecast, or even those who haven't used it in a while, configuring Mimecast to work the way you want for your organization can be a very daunting task. Mimecast gives you many options on how mail for your organization is accepted, denied, or even the way it looks. With all these options available to you it's hard to know where to start. This list will provide you with a good place to start, and help you learn some of the ins and outs that Mimecast has available to you. More detailed information about the particular topic can be found within the articles linked within each heading.


1. Administration Console

The administration console is the meat and potatoes of Mimecast. It is where you go to configure all aspects of the product. It allows you to define how mail is received, and sent through configuration settings, Policies, and Definitions (more on those in a little bit). To read more about the Administration Console, please see the following documentation: The Administration Console. To log on to the Administration Console you can find the appropriate link for your region at the following area: Administration Console v4. As the article mentions; keep in mind who you log in as. Different user roles are able to see different areas of the console.


2. Policies

When working with policies, try to think of them as defining when something should happening. For example; you can define a policy that sends you a copy of an email when a specified external address sends email to your company. Mimecast has many, many different policies that are available to you as seen in the following article: Gateway Policy Types. To configure a policy for one of these types, please see the following documentation: Configuring a Policy. This article gives a good walk through of how policies are set up, and how they work.


In addition, this article gives good information on how mail is processed within Mimecast. It is also used during Mimecast training: Security SystemsAlso, the following article gives good information about why some policies exist, and this document is also used during Mimecast training: Default Connect Policies 


3. Definitions

Now that we have defined when a particular thing should happen, we need to define what should happen. This is where Definitions come into play; we define what should happen when a policy fires. For example; we could set up a policy that watches any email from an inside address that is sent to an outside address. The definition would then be set up so that if any confidential data is sent out, it is instead blocked from being sent and notifies the sender. As we saw from the policy types list above, not all policies have a definition that need set up. However each definition type is unique to the type of policy that it applies to. Some examples of definitions that can be set up are: Configuring an Attachment Protection DefinitionConfiguring a Secure Messaging Definition, etc.


4. Personal Portal

The Personal Portal is another way that Mimecast offers you to retrieve your mail. While most of us probably retrieve our mail while sitting at our desks, there are times that we are out of the office in meetings, vacation, etc. The Personal Portal allows you access those same emails that you would see at your desk, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Great information for the Personal Portal can be found at the following link: Mimecast Personal Portal . This site gives a good overview of the Personal Portal, as well as User, and Admin guides on how this aspect works. To log into the personal portal, you can find the link in the following article: Logging in with Mimecast Personal Portal 


5. Secure Messaging

As you probably are aware, mail does not go from point A to point B. Just like your regular post office, mail goes from you, to many other stops before it finally reaches the recipient. These stops along the way are vulnerable to people watching them. The person watching one of them can download a copy of the mail, and if not encrypted; can open it up and read it. The good news is that Mimecast offers a service called "Secure Messaging". This allows mail to go from your organization to Mimecast securely....and that's it. The end user then receives a notification that they have been sent a secure message, and is able to open the document from the secure messaging area within Mimecast. Information about the Secure Messaging area can be found at the following link: Secure Messaging. Similar to the personal portal, this site gives a good overview, and provides user and admin guides for how it works. To log on to the secure messaging portal, find the link in the following article that applies to your region: Mimecast Data Centers and URLs


6. Groups

Policies can be set up in a variety of different ways. For example we can be very granular and say that a policy should fire whenever sends an email to Jane in accounting. However, what if management tells you "We now want this to also apply to Bob in accounting". You could certainly set up another policy for anything from to Bob in accounting, however that would be tedious. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just set it up so that if anything from is sent to a defined group of users that it would trigger the policy? Thankfully Mimecast provides this ability ability in the form of "Profile Groups". These groups make administrators lives much easier because now you can add/remove users from a group, without having to recreate a whole other policy. To configure groups please see the following article:Managing Profile Groups 


7. Tracking an email

There are many different things that could happen with mail along the way. Did an email go out? Did we receive an email? Why was an email blocked? Why was an email allowed? These types of questions are asked of administrators on a daily basis, and being able to provide answers to those questions is key to an administrator's role. Thankfully Mimecast gives us the ability to track email down, and give you granular detail down to things like header, and TLS information. More information on how to track an email can be found in the following article: Tracking and Tracing Email Delivery 


8. Archiving

On a daily basis we get hundreds, if not thousands of email. Keeping every email that is sent to us is not efficient. Having them all in one area eventually becomes very difficult to manage if you are just trying to find one certain email you want. This also starts to affect space on the servers that hold all of the email information, which makes administrators sad. The good news is that Mimecast can archive all of your emails....up to 99 years! That way you can safely delete an email from your inbox, knowing that it is archived away at Mimecast. Remember that email from 2 weeks ago that you deleted, and now you need it for a meeting in 5 minutes? It's okay, Mimecast's got your back. Just open your archive and send it back to yourself. More information about the archiving area can be found in the following article:  Archive Administration


9. Content Examination

Content Examination is a powerful tool within Mimecast, but also can be one of the more complicated aspects. This tool does just what its name implies; it examines the content of your emails for certain information. If that information is found you can do all kinds of things with it. You can forward a copy to another user, send it securely instead, block it from being sent out, etc. To start learning more about this tool, see the guide below regarding the policy:

Configuring a Content Examination Policy 

Now that we understand a little bit about what the policy is, and when it should be used, we then need to define what happens once Mimecast sees one of those types of emails. To do this, see the guide below regarding the definition:

Configuring a Content Examination Definition 

Once you have the policy, and definition defined your emails will now be scanned for the data that you entered. Some examples of when Content Examination can come in handy can be found in the article below:

Content Examination Definitions: Usage Examples 

If you are like me, you may not be the best at defining regular expressions. A site I like to use is This allows you to paste in the data from an email, then define a regular expression make sure it finds only the data you are looking for. 


10. Getting help

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, that's because it is. Just learn a little bit at a time, and eventually you'll be a Mimecast Master! If at any time you need help you can call or email Mimecast's technical support from the following site:

Email Solutions Technical Support | Mimecast 


Users on the forums are always here to help as well. Just sign up for an account, and post a question to the forums:

Community Forums 


You can always stay up to date on the latest news from Mimecast at the following site:

Mimecast News


Or, if you think of something that you would like to see Mimecast do...let them know! Just post an idea to the Share Ideas area. Your fellow Mimecasters and Mimecast employees will be able to vote, and add comments to your idea.

Share Ideas


See you on the Forums!

When: Tuesday, July 11th, 2017, 10-11am Eastern Time (3-4pm, UK) (Add this time to your Outlook calendars! )


Where: The Mimecaster Central Community Forums (a dedicated thread will be displayed at the top of the Forums for your convenience)


Who: Director of Product Management Steven Malone will be leading the answers, along with other members of the Mimecast team (So really, it could be an Ask Malone Anything?)


What the heck is an AMA?: You may have seen these on such platforms as Reddit. Our AMA will give you an opportunity to speak with members of the Mimecast Product and Service Delivery teams, provide feedback, and have all your questions answered! We’ll do our best to answer all questions during the time allotted, and provide insight on product plans that have been finalized.  


See you July 11th in Mimecaster Central for our first-ever Ask Mimecast Anything!

As you're in IT, you know that any minutes lost in downtime can mean lots of business lost, but moreover, lots of unhappy and unproductive colleagues in your company! To help you mitigate these rare downtime situations, we've put together our Continuity Planning Manual


The purpose of the Mimecast Continuity Planning Manual is to help you: 


  • Identify the root cause of the disruption
  • Evaluate proposed steps to mitigate email flow issues
  • Select recommended stakeholder communication to ensure you keep people informed when they demand answers


After viewing, we also recommend:


  1. Downloading this document and bookmarking this URL.
  2. Subscribing to the Continuity Planning Manual to stay up to date with the latest changes by selecting ‘Actions’ then ‘Follow’ at the top right of the screen.
  3. Printing out a hard copy for reference if the community is ever unavailable.


Download Mimecast's Continuity Planning Manual now

Another month is in the books in Mimecaster Central, and with that, we are happy to present the top customer champions in terms of their activity/point levels for the past month. 


**virtual drumroll, please**:


Benjamin Scott-Warwick

David Ignash

Bill Holmberg

Les Bessant

Onyi Ejiasa


A lot of familiar faces from last month, as you can see, but Les joins the leaderboards for the month of May, firmly in the 4th spot! 


As always, these five will be awarded a 200-point bonus to their accounts to use toward Mimecaster Central swag in our community store, and the repeatable mission of 'Monthly Leaderboard Champion' in the reputation tab of their user profile:


See you for June's community leaders!

Sandra Cutler is the eLearning Developer Team Lead responsible for creating technical content on Mimecast products and services, as well as managing development lifecycles for the Education Team. Having joined Mimecast in August 2016, she is passionate about creating engaging content for all Mimecast customers, resellers, MSPs, and internal business stakeholders.


Coming to Mimecast, after many years in law firm training and IT support, has truly been mind-blowing to say the least. It felt like I went from zero to sixty in just a matter of seconds.


Agile is the term I hear when people talk about this fast-paced SaaS company, and they’re right. From the moment I stepped in the door, I could feel the momentum here. It is in a constantly forward-moving state. New ideas are encouraged, not only from internal staff, but from customers as well. In fact, as you peruse Mimecaster Central’s Share Ideas section, you’ll hear the voices of your peers loud and clear.


My Story


My entire career up until Mimecast consisted of working in law firms. I was comfortable in the law firm space. Some would say, I was too comfortable.


In my role as trainer and course developer, I knew a lot about the software we used, and felt good about being the one everyone went to with the difficult questions. I felt good after a class hearing feedback that I made the subject matter easier to understand. I even had the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally to roll out new software in satellite offices. However, at some point -- I’m not sure exactly when it happened -- I became complacent. I found myself wanting more, and in need of a change.


Although I had a decent job and worked with good people, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing anymore. One thing that helped me at that point was running. I often ran on my lunch breaks through the streets of Boston, the park in the picture above being one of my regular paths. I used this time to sort out my thoughts and figure out what I truly wanted out of my career.


I’m not going to lie, the prospect of changing careers at that point in my life was, to say the least, scary, but not enough to make me hesitate.  So I decided to embark on a journey to find out what I liked to do best, and as fate would have it, I found myself gravitating toward eLearning. I was already designing Instructor-led training, so why not online as well?


My law firm, along with many others in the city of Boston, purchased eLearning bundles from a reputable learning and development company. The problem was, or maybe I should say, fortunately for me, the bundles didn’t include everything we needed. That prompted me to ask my manager about investing in eLearning software, and she agreed. I took a few courses, and the rest is history.


Mimecast Customer to Employee 


Ironically, the law firm I worked for purchased Mimecast during my last year there. So while you’re searching for Mimecast eLearning content, remember that some of it was created by a Mimecaster that used to be a customer!


Where can you find this material? There are actually a few places. Resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can access our content via the Mimecast Academy, using their respective portals. Customers can go to our Knowledge Base articles in Mimecaster Central. Many of these articles contain videos tied to our YouTube Mimecast Education Channel.


So here I am, feeling a little out of place, but at home at the same time. Is that possible? The atmosphere here is hard to describe, and very different from a law firm, for sure. All I know is, there are great minds here at work and I’m happy to be a part of it.  


Am I the one everyone knows? No. Am I the one everyone comes to with question? No. But I’m okay with that. I knew altering my career path would take me out of my comfort zone. After all, that was the whole point. I forced myself to push the boundaries and here I am, creating eLearning that makes content easier for people to understand. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed doing. I’m just using a different delivery method now.


The Education Team


I can’t complain. I have a great manager and co-workers, and all the tools I need to be successful.


I work for the Education Team creating technical content on Mimecast products. This team is not only comprised of eLearning developers like myself, but also technical trainers who conduct online training sessions, and a technical writer who is responsible for updating our Knowledge Base. We also work with various stakeholders throughout the company to create educational material for internal business verticals.


Legendary Customer Success


We are a team with the true Mimecast spirit -- always looking to improve, always moving forward. What was once good enough, is no longer. You as customers demand more of us and we demand more of each other. 


If you haven’t checked out our YouTube Channel in a while, take a look! You’d be surprised at how far we’ve come. In fact, the main focus of our Legendary Customer Success™ is to always be listening to you, the customer, as your feedback is paramount to us improving our products and services, just like other teams are already doing within Mimecaster Central.


Dream Job? And What's to Come from the Education Team


Would I go so far as to say this is my dream job? Yes, I think I can say that with absolute certainty. Is it perfect? No. But it has the potential for coming close, and with my team’s current leader and his vision, I have no doubt our goal of educating every customer, reseller, MSP, and Mimecast employee will become a reality.


In closing, I'd like to give one final thank you to my manager, who, in the interview process, saw something in me that made him decide I was the right candidate for the job. Without that, I would not be here today. Thank you, Dave Cardillo!


Stay tuned for more blogs from the Education Team, where we'll keep you up to date on all we have in store for you. 


And one final picture – it’s my new running path!


Our next Legends of Mimecast Q&A is with Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA, Johan Dreyer. Johan gives new Mimecast customers tips for success...and what keeps him busy off the clock.


Could you describe your role here at Mimecast?


I lead the European Sales Engineering team. It’s our responsibility to help our customers realize the best possible outcomes when aligning Mimecast technology to their business needs. As a hands-on team, we work closely with potential and existing customers alike to maximize the benefit they gain from our technology.


Our team has more than doubled over the last 18 months, and through this journey, we have worked very hard at honing the skill level of new and existing engineers. This has been brought to fruition by a rigorous onboarding process for new team members and regular reviews of existing engineers, ensuring we maintain the gold standards of excellence required to deliver Legendary Customer Success.


You obviously have worked closely with customers in your time at Mimecast. What have you learned the most from your interactions with folks like those here in Mimecaster Central?


The single biggest thing I have learned is to listen.


I think it’s in our nature as people (especially the more technically minded ones) to want to provide an answer as soon as we believe we have it. When this happens, we discount anything that is said by the person who is speaking from that point on. We are waiting for our turn or interject to provide an answer (I’ve even found myself sitting on the edge of my seat on occasion). You can miss out on important information or make the other person feel like you’re not listening to them when you do this.


I now make it a point to listen, in full, to what the customer or partner has to say, and deliberately try not to form any opinions until they are finished talking. This helps me to understand their business and challenges better, and also present the solution with the best possible outcome.


Best piece of advice for someone just starting off with our products?


First, make the time to attend the online instructor-led training available to all customers -- you’d be surprised at the difference it will make for your experience.


Then, trust the technology. It may feel unnatural at first when you are able to see what happens, in real time, to your email -- whether that be delivery, rejections, or bounces -- but we do this for thousands of businesses daily.


Favourite feature of Mimecast products you couldn’t live without from a personal user standpoint? 


Mimecast for Outlook Smart Search! It’s completely changed the way that I interact with the archive by being both intuitive to use and reliable in delivering search results that are on point and save time.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


My weekends are generally reserved for spending with my family -- particularly, my children. We use this time to do all the stuff they want to do, which can vary quite a lot. Last weekend, they asked if I could take them go-karting and if we could have a barbeque. It’s no surprise they got their way!


Favorite food?


I’m a huge fan of the Mediterranean styles of food, so anything Italian, Spanish, or Greek will never go amiss.


Be sure to also check out some of the other Legends of Mimecast Q&As in the series (community champions and Mimecast employees):

Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Dawn Cronin 

Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Les Bessant 

Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Onyi Ejiasa 

Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with CEO Peter Bauer 

To help us improve your community experience, we’ve created a quick five question survey and would love your input. The survey will take no longer than 60 seconds (or it will self-destruct, not really…but that sounded cool).


Take the survey now.


Please note that this survey is always available to you in the right column of Community Forums when logged in.   Mimecast’s commitment to its Customer Experience Measurement Program is ongoing and your feedback only helps drive the success of Mimecaster Central.  We look forward to your continued feedback!


Community Forums Mimecaster Central Survey


COMING IN SEPTEMBER – Our 2nd annual survey to help shape the future of Mimecaster Central.  This benchmark survey is your opportunity to input on everything Central from the spaces you find most useful to your mobile experience.


Check out some of Rob's other blog posts:

Shaping Your Mimecast Experience...and Homemade Trampoline Covers

Flying High with Markerstudy 

Running with a Bowl of Ice Cream in the Hot Summer Sun: Adapting to Change for Sweet Finishes

Our April contest recently concluded, where we asked community members, 'What makes you a Mimecast 'Superhero'?' We left the criteria for answering this one pretty open-ended to spark the creativity...and the community was up for the challenge!


After sifting through haikus, the "simple" things that make a difference with Mimecast, and personal anecdotes, we are happy to announce the three winners of a Mimecast-branded, luxurious Taza Knit Quarter Zip pullover:


  • David Ignash's haiku entry

    People attack us

    Mimecast stops them in their tracks

    Now I'm the hero

  • Blankenship, Douglas K.'s entry: Received subpoena request requiring data with specific words, phrases, and dates for up to six individuals dating back to 2007.  This would have been an unattainable request, with the specific deadlines that had been provided, without the use of Mimecast Discovery and Mimecast email Archive.  The data was quickly identified, exported, and provided to counsel and co-counsel to satisfy the subpoena request within one business day.  I was a Mimecast hero that day!
  • Dollens, Bruce's entry: As a new customer of Mimecast I don't have a lot of stories yet. One happened during the POC. We had a user send an email to one of our suppliers that gave customer information and proof of payment (this is allowed since no sensitive information was transmitted.) A few weeks later the supplier said that they did not get the email and the customer of ours was going to lose coverage. Our internal archiving solution could not locate the message, but I was able to go into the Archive Search, find the message and show that it was sent. Saved us a customer, and was a good positive for how Mimecast could save us in a situation like this!


Consolation Prize Winner: Congrats to Miles Mabry who takes home a Mimecast-branded ballpoint pen presented in a luxury box!


Also: Big honorable mention points to RMurray for his extremely creative poem that made much of the team laugh as well! 


Be sure to leave your congrats to these folks in the comments below! Big shout out to all that participated in this latest contest...we will see you in the heat of Summer for the next community challenge 

Last month, we highlighted all of the great activity and teamwork going on in Mimecaster Central from 2017 to date as a whole with a big Top 10 list.


We now begin our Top 5 leaderboards each month with April 2017's activity leaders in Mimecaster Central! Here are the top customer champions in terms of their activity/point levels for the past month:


Benjamin Scott-Warwick

David Ignash
Bill Holmberg

Onyi Ejiasa

Neil Gebhardt


Bill actually joins the leaderboard program here for the first time, so give him a congrats! And drop all of these folks a congratulatory comment below! 


These five will also be awarded a 200-point bonus to their accounts to use toward Mimecaster Central swag in our community store, and will receive this nifty new 'Monthly Leaderboard Champion' badge in the reputation tab of their user profile:


You'll also be able to repeat this mission each month, so the more active you are in our community, the more points you'll get every month!


Congrats to all of April's leaders! Until next time...

Colum McAndrew is a Technical Copy Writer responsible for the style, structure, and content in the Mimecast Knowledge Base. Having joined in February 2016, he relishes getting others thinking about language, its meaning, and how it can be used to communicate efficiently.


There are currently 3,000+ pieces of content (inclusive of ideas, discussions, articles, and blogs) within Mimecaster Central, and rising. A large proportion of these sit within the Knowledge Base (KB), the home of all Mimecast product documentation. 


So what exactly does the KB contain? Perhaps a list of the top 10 most visited pages in the past month will give us a better idea of some of the top content.


Drum roll please......


In reverse order:


  1. Creating / Changing a Blocked Senders Policy
  1. LDAP Directory Synchronization Troubleshooting
  1. Rejected Messages
  1. Anti-Spoofing Policies
  1. Maintaining Digest Set Policies
  1. Secure Messaging: Troubleshooting Log In Issues
  1. Mimecast Data Centers and URLs


Onto the medal positions:


  1. Mimecast for Outlook Overview
  1. Using a Digest


And finally, the winner for most frequently visited Knowledge Base page in the past 30 days goes to...


  1. Mimecast SMTP Error Codes


Is this what you expected, or are there surprises? Maybe you have a favorite page that deserves a wider audience? Let us know in the comments below!


Also check out some of Colum's recent posts:


'Lights, Knowledge Base, Action!': How to Get More from the KB 

'It's Help, Jim, But Not as You Know It': Mimecast's User Assistance Evolution 

Achmad Chadran is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Archiving, at Mimecast. He's been in awe of the brilliance, patience, and tolerance of his coworkers since coming on board in April of 2016.


There’s been some discussion on Mimecaster Central lately about the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


When implemented, its impact will be far-reaching, since any organization anywhere in the world that retains or processes EU residents’ personal data will be subject to its provisions. The regulation places EU residents squarely in control of their own personal data. The heavy burden placed on organizations as a result comes primarily from two processes: Subject Access Requests (SARs) and so-called “Right to be Forgotten” (RTBF) requests.


GDPR and Cybercrime                                                          


Surprisingly, little has been said about the challenges of overhauling privacy in the current era of phishing and ransomware. The combination of growing regulatory burdens and the increasingly volatile threat landscape put organizations in a double bind. The GDPR emerged in part as a response to the growing cybercrime threat, yet its directives to retool organizational policies, processes, and structures stand to compound the burdens of well-intentioned organizations.


Email at the Epicenter


Over 90 percent of phishing cybercrime exploits begin with email, making it the single biggest threat vector to organizations and the data they manage. Furthermore, not only are emails a common vehicle to share and exchange personal data, email servers are prime repositories for such data as names, email addresses, and associated contact information.


Managing GDPR risk starts with securing your data and infrastructure against the litany of email threats mentioned above. In addition, to suit GDPR mandates for reporting on and deleting personal data upon request, your email infrastructure needs to streamline search and e-discovery.


Finally, every user in your domain must be vigilant against the onslaught of email-based attacks, and play a vital role in notifying your Data Protection Officer (DPO) of any suspected privacy breaches.


To help guide your journey to GDPR compliance, download the Osterman Research whitepaper, GDPR Compliance and its Impact on Security and Data Protection Programs.


Additionally, to help you be successful in the GDPR era, we’ve set up a solution page on our website, GDPR for Email, with a mix of third-party materials and our own Solution Brief. We fully anticipate adding to this page in the coming months!

There's been a lot of amazing teamwork, networking, and just overall helpful and impactful activity going on in Mimecaster Central in the first months of we thought it was about time to recognize some of these great efforts from your peers!


At the end of each month, beginning with April's leaders, we'll showcase the top five customers making waves in the community in terms of points and activity in Mimecaster Central (AKA the folks that put the "Legendary" in Legendary Customer Success!), and highlight any individual achievements or random notables.


As a kickoff though to showcase everything that has transpired in the still semi-new year, we'll start with 10.


Here are the top customers (Mimecast employees get our adoring support everyday outside of this blog ), in terms of their activity/point levels from January 1, 2017 to present:


  1. Onyi Ejiasa
  2. Neil Gebhardt
  3. Les Bessant
  4. Smith, Wayne
  5. Jason Cramsey
  6. Jason Wright
  7. David Ignash
  8. Bob Sampson
  9. Charles Peguero
  10. Benjamin Scott-Warwick


Drop these folks a hello in the community and leave your congratulatory comments below! These 10 will also be awarded a 250-point bonus to their accounts to use toward Mimecaster Central swag in our community store.


Congratulations to these 10 Mimecaster Central rockstars that continue to make Mimecaster Central a fun and engaged place to be! Until the next leaderboard...

To help us build out our services so that they are more integrated and thus easier for you to use, we need to hear from you! 


We have put together a very short survey - just three simple questions - asking about what you are doing today in other areas of your Web security.  


It will take you only 60 seconds AND you'll be entered to win a Mimecast pullover!


-- Take the survey now --

Michael Conley is the Director of Service Delivery Enablement at Mimecast. He has enjoyed assisting customers and growing a legendary support team since 2012. Michael was the FY16 Mimecaster of the Year.


2017 is shaping up to be yet another an exciting year for learning at Mimecast. Adding value to the Mimecast brand through education and enablement is a cornerstone of all that is Legendary Customer Success. You will hear more about this exciting program in the coming months.


If you haven't seen my previous Mimecast 101 community post on Track and Trace, I also encourage you to take a look. My goal with this series is to take the real-world lessons we’ve learned from our support teams and customers around the world and distill them into easy-to-understand troubleshooting concepts.


For this one, I have put together a new video below on troubleshooting basic authentication issues, using only a few basic steps, to help viewers identify and remediate common authentication issues.


As always, if you have any ideas, questions, or just want to say hi – please follow my profile, or leave a comment below. I am passionate about learning and teaching, and hope to pass some of my enthusiasm on to you!



Check out Mike's other Mimecast 101 video postMimecast 101: Track and Trace [Video] 

Rob Otoka is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Transformation and Innovation Team. Upon joining Mimecast in June 2012, Rob worked with customers to implement Mimecast’s products and services. In 2014, a new role brought his expertise to the ongoing management of the Customer Experience Measurement Program and Legendary Customer Success™ initiatives including the rollout of Mimecaster Central.


Winters in coastal New England consist of ever-changing winds, icy precipitation, and cold temperatures. But this is all expected when you live here.


As Winter approached this year, I found myself with a new conundrum – covering the family trampoline I was “convinced” to buy in July. However, the 11-year-old swing set needed to be replaced, and, minus the trampoline’s weight limit, the entire family can enjoy it, except me (yes, keeping the weight in check is part of each New Year's set of resolutions!). With exercise and entertainment wrapped in one, the trampoline was in great use until Winter’s chill descended. 


Back to that trampoline cover…


With the daylight growing shorter, I embarked on a quest to cover the trampoline with great fervor. Existing tarps and a labyrinth of bungee cords, slates, bricks, and wood became my allies. Soon enough, the below masterpiece was created.



We’ll get back to that “masterpiece” in a bit…


At Mimecast, constructing Legendary Customer Success™ is our aim. Like the coastal winds, the email security landscape is ever-changing, and threats in all forms are on the rise -- but we know that Mimecast will be ready to meet them. The ongoing feedback you provide within our Customer Experience Measurement Program is pivotal to help weather these changes, and we thank you for that.  


As your Mimecast customer journey moves from initial implementation to deploying our desktop and mobile technologies, the value of your feedback continues to grow. The Share Ideas space here in Mimecaster Central was created with you in mind to brainstorm with the Mimecast Product Management Team. In fact, the genesis of several product enhancements, new product ideas, and the creation of the Connect Application were a result of customer interaction with our Product Management Team.


Mark Basler, Mimecast’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, summed up his view of the Share Ideas space and how Mimecasters like you can best use it: “It is a great way for customers to collaborate with our Product Management Team. Customers can openly submit their product ideas as well as comment and 'vote up' ideas from their peers. A key component to our product roadmap is Voice Of the Customer feedback, and this space is ideal for gathering that information.  The left area of this space also presents a quick view of ideas in progress, delivered, and under consideration. We welcome you to contribute, and appreciate all input thus far to help meet our commitment to Legendary Customer Success™.”


Back to that trampoline “cover." Once again, the ever-changing coastal winds have wrought havoc:  



It's time to try a new idea: Maybe add a new brick or slate. Better yet, this time I will share my idea first with family or a neighbor to get their input, and to help prepare for the ever-changing coastal winds.  


We look forward to your continued contributions in the Share Ideas space and throughout the community. Keep innovating! Cheers! 


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