New Enhancements on Mimecaster Central

Blog Post created by user.xN94BFK6KOz Employee on Jul 25, 2016

A planned maintenance upgrade was performed on Mimecast central on Friday, July 29th.  With that comes some really exciting enhancements to Mimecaster Central!




Take a peek at what has changed:


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Profile Redesign

0_EntireProfile 2.pngThe Profile has been redesigned to have a more content-centric layout, that highlights the content the user has been involved with in the community.


Profile Banner: You will now have the ability to upload a large banner on the top of the page that reflects your personality.


Profile Header: has been updated to have a better glimpse of who you are. This area includes several key items - the main user details, profile photo, and actions.




Avatar/Image: We now show your avatar as the photo front and center in your profile. This will help people recognize who you are in the community since the avatar is what they see whenever you create or interact with content and in streams. We recommend that you update your profile photo to be a real photo of yourself, rather than a cartoon avatar.


Points: The ability to see your points is located near the top of the banner and is clickable to take you to your reputation board.


Location setting: You can set your location without editing the profile - simply click the input and type in the location and it will add it for you.



Rich Text Editor updates

Full+RTE.pngThe content editor used everyday when authoring and editing content within the community, also referred to as the RTE (Rich Text Editor) and developed by TinyMCE, is getting a massive upgrade from version 3.0 to version 4.0.


In addition to that, we're modernizing the look and feel to a simpler, more usable format following the streamlined theme happening throughout the community.



Full Toolbar: Documents and blog posts will still have the full editor you're used to using today. @mention and #tag have been added to a prominent, easy-to-click location.

Screen+Shot+2016-06-30+at+3.42.53+PM 2.png



Personal Insights

PersonalInsights752016v2.4.pngPersonal Insights will provide every community user with a knowledge of their social graph and the impact of their contributions in the Mimecaster Central community. How cool is that?!!


You will now be able to know what your social graph, most popular content, contribution trends and  personal reach, impact and sentiment are based on the items you post in the community.