Make Your Homepage Your Own: Add Custom Streams

Blog Post created by user.xN94BFK6KOz Employee on Sep 19, 2016

We'll bet that many of you are on social networks, whether Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to name a few. Mimecaster Central isn't that different in its functionality (i.e. you can "like" content, have and maintain your own social profile, add other users to your own personal network, and so forth). In short, it's a very social platform, too! 


One area in particular that's extremely social and inviting, for an at-a-glance-view of everything going on in your world of groups, users you're following, etc. (think your Facebook news feed), is your News & Activity streams, located on the homepage just below the faces of our experts and legends:



Get to know your streams


Clicking into each stream individually will give you a quick at-a-glance of all the latest activity in each area. As an example, here's all of the most recent discussions happening in our forums, by clicking Mimecaster Discussions. Note that you can sort by either Most Recent, or Top & Trending, too:



Add your own custom streams, too


A fiend for even more information? Our out-of-the-box streams not enough? You can also add custom streams that give you the latest and greatest information happening in any area of the community...or to keep tabs on important power-users within Mimecaster Central.


For the purposes of this how-to blog, let's create a custom stream to follow Community Manager Ryan Arsenault (and who wouldn't want to follow that dashing fellow?).


Clicking the + icon will bring you to a screen to add a custom stream:



On the New Stream page you are brought to, to create a custom stream of following Ryan (all action items are circled in the image below):


1) Under Stream Name, name this custom stream something to your liking, and that identifies the area or person whose activities you'd like to follow -- here, we've named it Ryan's Updates

2) Run a Search for Ryan Arsenault

3) Click 'Add' when the search result for Ryan comes up, to add his activity to this new custom stream

4) Most important is to click the "Done" box at top-right of this new stream to save it in your view of streams on the Mimecaster Central homepage.


And voila -- Ryan's Updates are now on your homepage news/activity feed! Ever need to edit the stream or delete it altogether? The pencil and x icons (circled below), respectively, will take care of these tasks for you.



With these simple steps, you're well on your way to a very social experience -- like the Facebook News feed -- with everything you want to know currently happening in the areas of Mimecaster Central YOU want to know about.