Show Us Your Smile: Upload Your Avatar and Get Points!

Blog Post created by user.xN94BFK6KOz Employee on Sep 30, 2016

Like Kermit the Frog once said, "It ain't easy being grey..." (OK, so it may be 'green,' but for the purposes of this exercise, roll with this analogy!). Those grey shadows you may have seen next to users' profile names indicate undefined avatars -- in other words, dreary-looking profiles with no personality or face to the name!


We encourage you to update the avatar in your profile, and display your personality in the community -- a headshot, a selfie or a photo that shows your beautiful/handsome mug. And there's something in it for you (more on that in a moment)!




How do you show your smile?

  • Select the avatar in the upper right corner
  • Click Edit profile
  • Click on the Avatar Tab

  • From here, click 'Add another avatar' and follow the prompts to upload your headshot. Once uploaded, be sure it is selected as the default image (the circle in the photo above), then click 'Finished' when complete.


Your avatar will then be shown in the community for others to connect with:




And voila -- doesn't that profile look much more beautiful or handsome? Oh yeah -- and going back to that topic of there being something in it for you: You'll receive 75 points to use towards sweet Mimecaster Central swag just for uploading your headshot as your image! 


For more information on Points and Rewards as a whole and to see other ways you can earn points beyond just uploading avatars, check out the following blog (we've recently refreshed with new ways to earn!):

Mimecaster Central: How Points/Rewards Work 


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