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"I walk away, walk away, I will follow..."


Excuse the lyric to one of my favorite U2 songs....But the message of following is the theme of this week's Tip/Trick!


You may have noticed a "Follow" button in certain areas of the site. Here, we'll show you what that means, what you can follow, and how you can do it, to always be up-to-date on important updates that YOU care about.


What is "Following?"


Following refers to literally what it means: As a Mimecaster, you'll be able to "follow" and always be up to date on all activity that occurs:

  • From community members you follow (i.e. when they post a status update)
  • On individual discussions or Shared Ideas (i.e. when there is a new reply to a thread)
  • Within individual spaces or user groups (i.e. by following 'Community Help,' you'll always be updated when something new is posted to this space as a whole)


How can I follow a fellow community member?


Navigate to the user profile itself of the community member you wish to follow, and you will see a 'Follow' button next to the member's name. By clicking it, the 'Follow' will in turn change to 'Following,' and you'll be up to date on activity now from this community member:



How can I follow a space?


To follow an area of the site (i.e. Share Ideas), navigate to the space or user group you wish to follow, and click the 'Follow' button at top right. You'll now be monitoring all activity that happens within this space. 



How can I follow an individual Shared Idea or discussion thread?


To follow an individual Shared Idea or discussion, navigate to the idea or discussion topic you wish to follow, and click the 'Follow' button at top right. You'll now be monitoring all activity that happens within this individual topic. 



OK, I've followed something. Where do I see these updates?


I'm really glad you asked this question! Whenever you click 'Follow' at any capacity (be it following users, spaces, discussions, etc.), a drop-down option of 'Following in' will appear, and you'll have the option of viewing updates from these spaces/people/discussions in your custom streams on your homepage (more info on that here: Make Your Homepage Your Own: Add Custom Streams) and within your Inbox on Mimecaster Central (more info here: You have mail! Using your Mimecaster Central Inbox).




Just remember to also ensure email notifications are enabled in your account as well if you wish to receive notifications on community activity directly to your work/personal email account (more info on setting these up in your Preferences here: Getting Started: Updating your Email Notifications).


Pro Tip:


Only follow what you really want to know about -- i.e. the least amount of noise for you that you'll find useful. For example, it may not be useful for you to follow the entire Shared Ideas space to be updated on every new idea or comment. On the flipside, however, it may be very useful for you to follow an individual idea within Shared Ideas that you've raised, or want updates on.


Want to learn even more Mimecaster Central tips and tricks, and how to best maximize your experience in Mimecaster Central? Be sure to follow our Site Help section. 

Redeem your hard-earned points now!


Please check out our store here:


How to Earn Points (via Missions and Actions)

Through Missions (All of these are available to sort through -- earned and unearned -- in the Reputation tab of your profile!):



Through Actions (note that there are daily caps on lower-value activities such as "liking" content. Activities such as answering questions will ultimately earn you even more!):

Individual ActionsPoints
Have your reply be marked as correct30
Have your reply be marked as helpful20
Ask a question20
Create a discussion 20
Create an idea in Share Ideas space20
Reply to (answer) questions20
Someone bookmarked or shared your content10
Create a status update10
Join a user group (after your first group)10
Follow another community member5
Rate content5
Comment on content5
Mark someone's reply as correct3
Someone replies to your content3
View a blog post3
Mention someone else (using @mention) 3
Someone “mentions” you3
Share a blog or discussion with another community member3
Like a piece of content2
Someone rates your content2
Vote on an idea in Share Ideas2
Someone voted on your Idea2
Vote on a poll2
Have your comment liked2
Mark someone’s reply as helpful2


What is Mimecaster Central Gamification?


Mimecaster Central Gamification is a system that lets you earn points, badges, levels, and even prizes as you participate in the community. Your growing expertise gains you extra benefits, recognition and Mimecaster Central Swag!


This adds fun to our community participation by gamifying it. This includes rewarding points and badges to motivate you to create, interact with, or view different content types. You can start by participating in the community and earning points.

Here's more about the gamification terms used in Mimecaster Central:



Group of actions required to earn a badge and/or points. A single mission can reward you with points, a badge, or both.



Fun images posted to your profile after completing a mission so everyone can see what you've accomplished.



Tally of how much you've earned by earning badges or completing actions in the community.



Benchmark that represents where you stand in relation to others in the community. You can move up levels by earning points.


Completing Missions

Missions are created by the Community Manager to provide short-term goals to help you obtain points and badges, and reach higher levels.

Check out what missions are available in Mimecaster Central by going to the top right and clicking your avatar > View Profile > Reputation. Then click on Missions in the left column.

You can use the drop down to sort the missions by Earned and Unearned:

Each mission card tells you how many points you earn when you complete the mission and earn the badge. It also describes the mission. It might say "Create 25 pieces of content " or "Install 5 apps," and this is how you'd complete the mission.

By completing a mission, you will earn a badge and points!


Earning Points

Participate in the community to earn points. These points are what you need to advance to higher levels.

Basically, you can earn points by taking certain actions in your community, such as liking a blog post, creating an idea, or asking a question.

You can complete missions as a fun way of earning points and gaining new levels.


How do I see my Reputation and available Missions?

To see how you are ranking and available missions, visit your Profile.

1.      Click on your avatar in the top right header

2.      Select View Profile

3.      Once in your profile, you are able to click on the More link to select Reputation

4.      Once in your reputation center, you are able to see your point activity, your level, available and earned missions & badges and how to earn more points.

Here, you are also able to assign your “Me in 3” badges to your profile.

Simply drag the available badges to the grey area for "Me in 3". Other users in the community can see your Me in 3 by hovering over your name in the community.


How to purchase items from the Store

By participating in the community, you are able to earn points and purchase Mimecaster Central swag!

To enter the Mimecaster Store, go to your Avatar and select Store from the dropdown OR on the side banner of the home page you will find a direct link to the store.

Here you can see the available items that you can purchase with your points.



Enjoy your Mimecaster Central Swag: Wear it proud and wear it loud!