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Mimecaster Central has a range of excellent Community User Groups for you to collaborate with your peers and learn more about Mimecast!   The User Groups are great ways to discuss specific topics and dig into the details of your conversation.  Learn about your peers' best practices or share your latest swag selfie. Joining a group allows you to meet other Mimecast users and learn from their experiences. 


If you have an immediate question that needs answering, our Community Forums are also available outside of the networking and discussions being conducted in our User Groups!


Here are a couple groups that may tickle your fancy: 


Calling all Admins

The Administrators group is a place where you can get into the nitty gritty of administering your email.  Ask other administrators their best practices and compare policies!


Just Hang'n around

It doesn't have to be all work and no play... The Hangout is a great place to share a funny story, a selfie with Mimecaster Swag, or the latest email meme that has you LOL! 



Points, Points, Points

Plus there are a couple missions you can earn points on for participating and joining groups. 




Take a look at all the Community User Groups and join today!