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Have a great idea for Mimecast products and services? Know of something that would allow your peers to "get it done" more efficiently?


Log in and check out our Share Ideas section of Mimecaster Central to get a direct line to our Product Management team!


The team monitors all ideas in Share Ideas, and from within this powerful space, our community has the ability to share, comment, and vote on Mimecast product enhancement requests. NOTE: While Product Management actively reviews product ideas, it will be those that rise to the top in "score," and provide value for many customers, that will get our eye first!


Idea Status


Here's a quick breakdown on which each label stamped on an idea means: 


Idea Status



Newly posted. 


Initially reviewed by Mimecast and open for votes, comments, and discussion.


Scheduled on Mimecast's product roadmap.

In Development

Currently in development and available soon.

CLOSED: Already Offered

Already available.

CLOSED: Will Not Be Delivered

Will not be delivered at this time.

CLOSED: As Designed

Workflow works as designed.
CLOSED: Delivered

Released to GA.

CLOSED: Duplicate

A similar idea (referenced in the closed idea/post) already exists.


Search for Existing Ideas

So you're amped to share your best idea...great! Before you do, just make sure it doesn't already exist. As seen below, Mimecast customers can search by likely/main keyword for an existing idea from within the search bar provided on the Share Ideas homepage (results populate in real-time). 


You can also get an at-a-glance of ALL recent activity within Share Ideas homepage, on the "Recent Activity" feed.


Raise an Idea


Once you've confirmed the idea doesn't already exist, raise it by selecting the "Idea" option from your Mimecaster Central "pencil" drop-down menu (this is in the top right of each page in the community). Be sure to add a descriptive title and surrounding details for the idea, along with any appropriate tags and categories.


The most attractive ideas contain:


  • A clear outline of a business problem to solve
  • Its importance to the customer, and why other customers should be interested
  • A clear title that summarizes the idea
  • A lot of support from fellow peers/customers!




Vote Ideas "Up" or "Down" 


Vote "UP" or "DOWN" ideas that are your favorites...or least, and watch them fly to the top of the movers and shakers within our vast collection of customer ideas (PRO TIP: Don't forget to also "upvote" your own idea!).


Follow Your Own...and Other Ideas


And last but not least, be sure to follow all updates on your own...and others' ideas that you've voted "following" the idea thread! (More on Mimecaster Central's "Following" functionality can be found here: "I Will Follow": Follow Spaces, Discussions, People)


You'll always be alerted within your Inbox whenever questions from fellow Mimecasters arise...or our Product Management wants to talk more about your idea, or others you're interested in.


Visit Share Ideas today, and influence the direction of Mimecast products and services!


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