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Game The System

Posted by user.QQDOBEsNMvXG Champion Oct 23, 2017

Or, How to earn points and influence people in the mimecast community


1-      Missions

It may seem obvious, but completing the missions is the fastest way to get points here- and it has a desirable side effect of navigating you through the community and making acquaintances while you learn the geography here. I sort by unearned missions first, and target activities designed to complete those. You will also see the “Earn Again” tag on some of these, which allows you to return to them daily, even after you have previously completed them.

2-      Activity

When you read a comment or article or poll, etc.- Like it! You get points, and so does the author when they reach certain milestones (Like 25 likes etc.), but you will get 2 points each time- of course, only if you actually do like it.

Similarly, mark responses as helpful when you think they are, as that will also get you points.

Sometimes you get points just for reading- like the Blogs!

Finally- Tag Tag Tag! Every day you can get 100 points as your first 4 #tags are pointed, and additional points as are all of your your @Mentions!

Vote in the polls too- finish 25 polls and you’ll get a nice bump!



3-      Write and Contribute

You have little time, we know, but you run into things that can help your fellow ‘Casters here- and none of us is as smart as All of us! Share your wisdom, or even just your experiences- Please!

Not to mention, just sharing a humorous episode or a trying time is something we can all relate to, and reminds us we aren’t alone in this struggle to provide the services we do.

4- Cash in!

Get some of that sweet Mimecast swag!