Searching the Mimecast Way

Blog Post created by user.oxriBaJeN4 Employee on Apr 19, 2018

It is easy to believe that search engines have all the answers. After all, their algorithms trawl through millions of web pages and deliver exactly the results you require. Right? Well, not always. Knowing how a search algorithm works can help (tip: they don't all work the same way), but even having such detailed knowledge doesn't guarantee they'll always return what you want.


Take our Knowledge Base, for example. Most of its content is open to anyone, including non-Mimecast customers, to find and read. A small subsection of it isn't freely available. This content is protected, meaning you must be a Mimecast customer to view it by logging on to Mimecaster Central.


Our reason for protecting certain content is simple: Some pages contain detailed information on how you can configure your Mimecast account to prevent attacks. If this information was freely available, it could be used by those wishing to do your organization harm. That wouldn't be in your, or our, interests. 


Searching Best Practice


Searching isn't just about finding Knowledge Base content, though. If you use a search engine to find our Knowledge base content, or you're searching inside Mimecaster Central in a logged out state, consider the following:


  • You won't get results for protected pages for the reason stated above
  • You're not getting the full benefits of the Mimecaster Central community


To get the most out of Mimecaster Central:


  • Log on: If you do, not only does the issue of searching for protected content disappear, but you also get the access to additional user generated content. This includes answers to questions, blog posts, and user groups. If you don't, you're missing out on a lot of informative discussion, solutions, and like-minded folk.
  • Don't use a search engine: Admittedly they're convenient, but they don't provide the best return on your Mimecast investment.


One final word. If you're directly sent a link to a protected Knowledge Base page (e.g. in an email) and you're not logged on to Mimecaster Central, you'll be presented with a log on dialog once you've clicked on the link. To avoid this inconvenience, ensure you log on to Mimecaster Central at the start of every working day. It's a small price to pay for delivering the best search experience for Mimecast-related content.