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Colum McAndrew is a Technical Copy Writer responsible for the style, structure, and content in the Mimecast Knowledge Base. Having joined in February 2016, he relishes getting others thinking about language, its meaning, and how it can be used to communicate efficiently.


When a blockbuster movie is released, we need to know it exists in order to go and see it. Similarly, we at Mimecast need to advertise our functionality to help you get the most from it. The Knowledge Base (KB) is no different.


So, with the Oscars around the corner, what will win the award for Most Useful Knowledge Base Action?


The Actions menu


I was reminded of our need to market the Knowledge Base, when I was asked recently if it was possible to generate a PDF of one of the pages. The answer is yes! Did you know that you can also:

  • Bookmark a page for later reference?
  • Follow a page?


Let's explore these three important KB actions a bit more. 


Generate a Page as a PDF


PDFOur Knowledge Base is updated as new functionality is released, or existing functionality changes. As such, we recommend referring to it, rather than saving as a local file. However, there maybe instances where a PDF is useful in a pinch.

To generate a page as a PDF:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the View as PDF menu item. This displays a PDF version of the page in a browser tab. From here, you can perform the following actions:

    Download iconDownload the PDF to a local / network drive.
    Print iconPrint the PDF.
  3. Click the browser’s Back button to return to the knowledge base page.


Managing Your Bookmarks


In much the same way as you can add an Administration Console favorite, you can bookmark a Knowledge Base page. Maybe you execute an occasional task, but not frequently enough to remember all the details. In such instances, it is useful to quickly and easily navigate to the correct KB page.


To bookmark a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the Bookmark menu item.


To access your bookmarks:

  1. Click on the Search icon and either:
  2. Either:
    1. Click on the Bookmarks tab. Your recently visited bookmarks are displayed.
    2. Click on the Show All My Bookmarks link to display all your bookmarked pages.


Accessing Bookmarks


To delete a bookmark:

  1. Show all your bookmarks (see above).
  2. Click on the Settings Icon icon to the right of the page whose bookmark is to be deleted.
  3. Click on the Remove Bookmark menu item.


Remove a Bookmark


Following a Page


This allows you to be notified when the page is updated, and is useful if you regularly perform a task, but want to be kept informed of changes to the functionality.

Follow a PageTo follow a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the Follow menu item.
  3. Click one or both of the following options:
    • Following: When the page is updated, you are notified in your connection stream.
    • Inbox: When the page is updated, you are notified in your Mimecaster Central Inbox.


To unfollow a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Either:
    • Click on the Following menu item to unfollow the page in both your connection stream and inbox.
    • Deselect either the Following or Inbox option.


Want to learn even more Mimecaster Central tips and tricks, and how to best maximize your experience in Mimecaster Central? Be sure to follow our Site Help section. 


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