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The display name of the account used to log into Mimecaster Central is directly pulled from your account in the Mimecast Admin Console.


That being said, we encourage you to avoid using generic names, such as:


  • Admin
  • Mimecast Account (any name with the word Mimecast in it)
  • Community
  • Helpdesk
  • Your Company Name


Instead, please use your actual name. This means that the account should not be used as a shared login between individuals – each person logging into Mimecaster central should use a separate email address to log in. 


Not only is having your actual name as your display name (along with a profile picture!) a great way to get to know your fellow community members better, but it will help us credit the right person for a job well done on a good answer or contribution to the community!


In order to update your display name, you will need to change it in one of these two places, depending on how your account was created. 


Solution 1: Your Active Directory User Account (if your account is AD-synced)

If you created the account in your own Active Directory environment, then the display name on the AD account is synced with Mimecast. Change the name here, then update your Mimecast directory by logging into the Admin Console and going to Administration>Services>Directory Sync, and click Sync Directory Data. Once the sync is finished, you can verify that your display name has been updated by going to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain)>(email address). The Global Name here should match what you've set in Active Directory, and this should now appear as your display name in Mimecaster Central.


Solution 2: The Mimecast Local Directory (if your account is not AD-synced):

If you manually created or imported your account in the Mimecast Admin Console, you can update the display name directly. Simply navigate to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain)>(email address) and change the Global Name field as appropriate. 


Not sure whether your account is AD-synced? Fear not!


How to tell whether your account is an AD-Synced or local Mimecast account:


In the Mimecast Admin Console, navigate to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain). Type your email address in the search box, but don't click on the address. Here, you will see an icon next to your address.


If your address is being synced via Active Directory, you will see the following icon:


        AD Synced User


If you see this icon next to your account, follow Solution 1.

If your address is not AD-synced, the icon will appear as one of these: 


 Local User


These may have been created in transit, imported, or manually added. For any of these, follow Solution 2.