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It is easy to believe that search engines have all the answers. After all, their algorithms trawl through millions of web pages and deliver exactly the results you require. Right? Well, not always. Knowing how a search algorithm works can help (tip: they don't all work the same way), but even having such detailed knowledge doesn't guarantee they'll always return what you want.


Take our Knowledge Base, for example. Most of its content is open to anyone, including non-Mimecast customers, to find and read. A small subsection of it isn't freely available. This content is protected, meaning you must be a Mimecast customer to view it by logging on to Mimecaster Central.


Our reason for protecting certain content is simple: Some pages contain detailed information on how you can configure your Mimecast account to prevent attacks. If this information was freely available, it could be used by those wishing to do your organization harm. That wouldn't be in your, or our, interests. 


Searching Best Practice


Searching isn't just about finding Knowledge Base content, though. If you use a search engine to find our Knowledge base content, or you're searching inside Mimecaster Central in a logged out state, consider the following:


  • You won't get results for protected pages for the reason stated above
  • You're not getting the full benefits of the Mimecaster Central community


To get the most out of Mimecaster Central:


  • Log on: If you do, not only does the issue of searching for protected content disappear, but you also get the access to additional user generated content. This includes answers to questions, blog posts, and user groups. If you don't, you're missing out on a lot of informative discussion, solutions, and like-minded folk.
  • Don't use a search engine: Admittedly they're convenient, but they don't provide the best return on your Mimecast investment.


One final word. If you're directly sent a link to a protected Knowledge Base page (e.g. in an email) and you're not logged on to Mimecaster Central, you'll be presented with a log on dialog once you've clicked on the link. To avoid this inconvenience, ensure you log on to Mimecaster Central at the start of every working day. It's a small price to pay for delivering the best search experience for Mimecast-related content.

The display name of the account used to log into Mimecaster Central is directly pulled from your account in the Mimecast Admin Console.


That being said, we encourage you to avoid using generic names, such as:


  • Admin
  • Mimecast Account (any name with the word Mimecast in it)
  • Community
  • Helpdesk
  • Your Company Name


Instead, please use your actual name. This means that the account should not be used as a shared login between individuals – each person logging into Mimecaster central should use a separate email address to log in. 


Not only is having your actual name as your display name (along with a profile picture!) a great way to get to know your fellow community members better, but it will help us credit the right person for a job well done on a good answer or contribution to the community!


In order to update your display name, you will need to change it in one of these two places, depending on how your account was created. 


Solution 1: Your Active Directory User Account (if your account is AD-synced)

If you created the account in your own Active Directory environment, then the display name on the AD account is synced with Mimecast. Change the name here, then update your Mimecast directory by logging into the Admin Console and going to Administration>Services>Directory Sync, and click Sync Directory Data. Once the sync is finished, you can verify that your display name has been updated by going to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain)>(email address). The Global Name here should match what you've set in Active Directory, and this should now appear as your display name in Mimecaster Central.


Solution 2: The Mimecast Local Directory (if your account is not AD-synced):

If you manually created or imported your account in the Mimecast Admin Console, you can update the display name directly. Simply navigate to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain)>(email address) and change the Global Name field as appropriate. 


Not sure whether your account is AD-synced? Fear not!


How to tell whether your account is an AD-Synced or local Mimecast account:


In the Mimecast Admin Console, navigate to Administration>Directories>Internal Directories>(domain). Type your email address in the search box, but don't click on the address. Here, you will see an icon next to your address.


If your address is being synced via Active Directory, you will see the following icon:


        AD Synced User


If you see this icon next to your account, follow Solution 1.

If your address is not AD-synced, the icon will appear as one of these: 


 Local User


These may have been created in transit, imported, or manually added. For any of these, follow Solution 2. 


Game The System

Posted by user.QQDOBEsNMvXG Champion Oct 23, 2017

Or, How to earn points and influence people in the mimecast community


1-      Missions

It may seem obvious, but completing the missions is the fastest way to get points here- and it has a desirable side effect of navigating you through the community and making acquaintances while you learn the geography here. I sort by unearned missions first, and target activities designed to complete those. You will also see the “Earn Again” tag on some of these, which allows you to return to them daily, even after you have previously completed them.

2-      Activity

When you read a comment or article or poll, etc.- Like it! You get points, and so does the author when they reach certain milestones (Like 25 likes etc.), but you will get 2 points each time- of course, only if you actually do like it.

Similarly, mark responses as helpful when you think they are, as that will also get you points.

Sometimes you get points just for reading- like the Blogs!

Finally- Tag Tag Tag! Every day you can get 100 points as your first 4 #tags are pointed, and additional points as are all of your your @Mentions!

Vote in the polls too- finish 25 polls and you’ll get a nice bump!



3-      Write and Contribute

You have little time, we know, but you run into things that can help your fellow ‘Casters here- and none of us is as smart as All of us! Share your wisdom, or even just your experiences- Please!

Not to mention, just sharing a humorous episode or a trying time is something we can all relate to, and reminds us we aren’t alone in this struggle to provide the services we do.

4- Cash in!

Get some of that sweet Mimecast swag!

Please note: Any urgent or specific issues that require Support troubleshooting in private should go directly to Support versus our community. 


New to the community? Here’s 10 ways to get the most out of your experience on Mimecaster Central. The parts of the site outlined here are also all accessible in the top left navigation/dropdown menus of the community.


Haven't registered yet? Click 'Log in' at the top to log in with your Mimecast credentials and get started.


Feel free to introduce yourself to the community as well before you get started with these Top 10!


NOW, onto the good stuff!


  1. Personalize your profile. See our Get Started: Complete Your Profile tip for more details, and ensure your profile display name is unique and accurate: Making Sure Your Display Name is Accurate in Mimecaster Central 
  2. Follow your favorites. Stay up to date on any community member OR space/discussion activity, and look out for our customer “Legends” (identified by an “L” next to their names) and employees (identified by an "m"). See "I Will Follow": Follow Spaces, Discussions, People.
  3. Follow Service Updates. Follow Service Updates to be informed about the latest information on Mimecast releases and announcements.
  4. Check your Inbox and set up Email Notifications. Stay on top of spaces / people you follow, and messages from fellow community members. See the Your Inbox and Setting Up Notifications pages for more details.
  5. Check out our Knowledge Base. Your home for all Mimecast product documentation. Visit our Knowledge Base now, and see some of our top articles here
  6. Ask a Question. Got questions? Ask it in our Community Forums and get answers from thousands of like-minded peers and experts! Visit the Community Forums now
  7. Join a User Group. From off-topic discussions in The Hangout, to Healthcare best practices and exclusive Mimecast User Research studies, our User Groups have something for everyone. Join a User Group today.
  8. Share an Idea. Raise a product idea with our Product Management team! Don’t forget to upvote your own idea, too...and search existing ideas from peers. See the Influence Future Mimecast Products page for full details.
  9. Read a blog. From the latest education tips (e.g. a Top 10 List for New Mimecasters) to informal interviews, the Mimecaster Central blog is your spot to dive deeper into the world of Mimecast. Follow the community Blog now.
  10. Get points…and rewards. Every action you take in Mimecaster Central enhances your reputation, and earns you points. See the Points and Rewards page for full details.



Download our Mimecast Continuity Planning always be prepared. 

Creating custom "news" feeds for your social followship.
Setting up a sweet, sweet profile with a unique cover photo that's the envy of the community.
Getting the latest updates on threads you've participated in, and topics important to you, delivered to your community inbox and via email.


The list goes on! Our community platform gives you a lot of tools for your success as Mimecast customers -- so much, in fact, that we thought it would be useful to put together a package of some of our Tips and Tricks to help you navigate the waters of Mimecaster Central...whether you're new to the site or need a quick refresher.


And as always, you can always follow our Site Help section within the community to stay up to date on the latest Tips and Tricks, and be in the know as new features are added!


Getting the most out of community functionality:

Getting Started in Mimecaster Central 

You have mail! Using your Mimecaster Central Inbox 

"I Will Follow": Follow Spaces, Discussions, People 

Make Your Homepage Your Own: Add Custom Streams 

Show Us Your Smile: Upload Your Avatar and Get Points! 


Getting to know Mimecaster Central's major programs/spaces:

Mimecaster Central: How Points/Rewards Work 

Become a Groupie! Join a User Group 

Have a question? We have an answer. 

Influence the Future of Mimecast Products: Share Ideas 

'Lights, Knowledge Base, Action!': How to Get More from the KB 


Pro Tip: Follow Community Manager Ryan Arsenault as well. He's always here to help you get your questions answered and ensure you have the tools you need to get your job done (...and is also apparently a fan of talking in the third person!).

You spoke and we listened! Many of you have told us that getting to the right information on Mimecaster Central can be tricky. As part of our commitment to enhancing the site experience and helping you find the resources you need quickly, we’re happy to introduce the new main (top) navigation (to be rolled out early next week)!


We hope you’ll find these changes naturally intuitive, but we want to explain where things are now located and show you what’s changed.


The main navigation goes from looking like this:

…into a logical series of five “drop-down” menus that encompass all of the key areas of Mimecaster Central.


Here’s a mock up of what these five menus will look like:



The new main navigation, then, makes this secondary nav on the homepage redundant:

Like most websites, the main nav will be your go-to for site navigation.


And remember, none of the parts of the site have changed – this is just a shift in how we present them. Also, the new drop downs in the navigation help us surface content areas within the site that were previously hard to find.


As we move further into the new year, you’ll see continued updates to the homepage and other sections of the site, designed to improve the user experience (in addition to all of the exciting content and initiatives we have planned for you already!).


As always, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Happy navigating across the community!

Colum McAndrew is a Technical Copy Writer responsible for the style, structure, and content in the Mimecast Knowledge Base. Having joined in February 2016, he relishes getting others thinking about language, its meaning, and how it can be used to communicate efficiently.


When a blockbuster movie is released, we need to know it exists in order to go and see it. Similarly, we at Mimecast need to advertise our functionality to help you get the most from it. The Knowledge Base (KB) is no different.


So, with the Oscars around the corner, what will win the award for Most Useful Knowledge Base Action?


The Actions menu


I was reminded of our need to market the Knowledge Base, when I was asked recently if it was possible to generate a PDF of one of the pages. The answer is yes! Did you know that you can also:

  • Bookmark a page for later reference?
  • Follow a page?


Let's explore these three important KB actions a bit more. 


Generate a Page as a PDF


PDFOur Knowledge Base is updated as new functionality is released, or existing functionality changes. As such, we recommend referring to it, rather than saving as a local file. However, there maybe instances where a PDF is useful in a pinch.

To generate a page as a PDF:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the View as PDF menu item. This displays a PDF version of the page in a browser tab. From here, you can perform the following actions:

    Download iconDownload the PDF to a local / network drive.
    Print iconPrint the PDF.
  3. Click the browser’s Back button to return to the knowledge base page.


Managing Your Bookmarks


In much the same way as you can add an Administration Console favorite, you can bookmark a Knowledge Base page. Maybe you execute an occasional task, but not frequently enough to remember all the details. In such instances, it is useful to quickly and easily navigate to the correct KB page.


To bookmark a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the Bookmark menu item.


To access your bookmarks:

  1. Click on the Search icon and either:
  2. Either:
    1. Click on the Bookmarks tab. Your recently visited bookmarks are displayed.
    2. Click on the Show All My Bookmarks link to display all your bookmarked pages.


Accessing Bookmarks


To delete a bookmark:

  1. Show all your bookmarks (see above).
  2. Click on the Settings Icon icon to the right of the page whose bookmark is to be deleted.
  3. Click on the Remove Bookmark menu item.


Remove a Bookmark


Following a Page


This allows you to be notified when the page is updated, and is useful if you regularly perform a task, but want to be kept informed of changes to the functionality.

Follow a PageTo follow a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Click on the Follow menu item.
  3. Click one or both of the following options:
    • Following: When the page is updated, you are notified in your connection stream.
    • Inbox: When the page is updated, you are notified in your Mimecaster Central Inbox.


To unfollow a page:

  1. Click on the Actions menu item.
  2. Either:
    • Click on the Following menu item to unfollow the page in both your connection stream and inbox.
    • Deselect either the Following or Inbox option.


Want to learn even more Mimecaster Central tips and tricks, and how to best maximize your experience in Mimecaster Central? Be sure to follow our Site Help section. 


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Have a great idea for Mimecast products and services? Know of something that would allow your peers to "get it done" more efficiently?


Log in and check out our Share Ideas section of Mimecaster Central to get a direct line to our Product Management team!


The team monitors all ideas in Share Ideas, and from within this powerful space, our community has the ability to share, comment, and vote on Mimecast product enhancement requests. NOTE: While Product Management actively reviews product ideas, it will be those that rise to the top in "score," and provide value for many customers, that will get our eye first!


Idea Status


Here's a quick breakdown on which each label stamped on an idea means: 


Idea Status



Newly posted. 


Initially reviewed by Mimecast and open for votes, comments, and discussion.


Scheduled on Mimecast's product roadmap.

In Development

Currently in development and available soon.

CLOSED: Already Offered

Already available.

CLOSED: Will Not Be Delivered

Will not be delivered at this time.

CLOSED: As Designed

Workflow works as designed.
CLOSED: Delivered

Released to GA.

CLOSED: Duplicate

A similar idea (referenced in the closed idea/post) already exists.


Search for Existing Ideas

So you're amped to share your best idea...great! Before you do, just make sure it doesn't already exist. As seen below, Mimecast customers can search by likely/main keyword for an existing idea from within the search bar provided on the Share Ideas homepage (results populate in real-time). 


You can also get an at-a-glance of ALL recent activity within Share Ideas homepage, on the "Recent Activity" feed.


Raise an Idea


Once you've confirmed the idea doesn't already exist, raise it by selecting the "Idea" option from your Mimecaster Central "pencil" drop-down menu (this is in the top right of each page in the community). Be sure to add a descriptive title and surrounding details for the idea, along with any appropriate tags and categories.


The most attractive ideas contain:


  • A clear outline of a business problem to solve
  • Its importance to the customer, and why other customers should be interested
  • A clear title that summarizes the idea
  • A lot of support from fellow peers/customers!




Vote Ideas "Up" or "Down" 


Vote "UP" or "DOWN" ideas that are your favorites...or least, and watch them fly to the top of the movers and shakers within our vast collection of customer ideas (PRO TIP: Don't forget to also "upvote" your own idea!).


Follow Your Own...and Other Ideas


And last but not least, be sure to follow all updates on your own...and others' ideas that you've voted "following" the idea thread! (More on Mimecaster Central's "Following" functionality can be found here: "I Will Follow": Follow Spaces, Discussions, People)


You'll always be alerted within your Inbox whenever questions from fellow Mimecasters arise...or our Product Management wants to talk more about your idea, or others you're interested in.


Visit Share Ideas today, and influence the direction of Mimecast products and services!


Other recent Mimecaster Central Tips and Tricks:


Mimecaster Central is a wealth of knowledge and not just official documentation. Your peers have added valuable discussions and questions that bring real life scenarios to the community.  


Community ForumHaving an issue with setup or functionality?

Ask us how in the Community Forums


Want ideas on how your peers do it?

Start a discussion in the Community Forums


Our Community Forums give Mimecasters an opportunity to get questions answered and discuss Mimecast with other technical professionals. Your peers have already been asking questions and starting discussions. Mimecast Experts are ready to jump in and help you and give you tips.  




Not only can you learn from other technical professionals, you can also learn from the Mimecast Experts as they start conversations and post tips on how to utilize Mimecast to it's fullest!



More resources:

  • Need help navigating the community? Find Tips & Tricks in Site Help
  • Have an idea for a product enhancement? Tell us in Share Ideas
  • Browse official documentation in the Knowledge Base
  • Want to talk to other Admins? Join the Administrators group!
  • Get social and have fun conversations with other Mimecasters in The Hangout

Mimecaster Central has a range of excellent Community User Groups for you to collaborate with your peers and learn more about Mimecast!   The User Groups are great ways to discuss specific topics and dig into the details of your conversation.  Learn about your peers' best practices or share your latest swag selfie. Joining a group allows you to meet other Mimecast users and learn from their experiences. 


If you have an immediate question that needs answering, our Community Forums are also available outside of the networking and discussions being conducted in our User Groups!


Here are a couple groups that may tickle your fancy: 


Calling all Admins

The Administrators group is a place where you can get into the nitty gritty of administering your email.  Ask other administrators their best practices and compare policies!


Just Hang'n around

It doesn't have to be all work and no play... The Hangout is a great place to share a funny story, a selfie with Mimecaster Swag, or the latest email meme that has you LOL! 



Points, Points, Points

Plus there are a couple missions you can earn points on for participating and joining groups. 




Take a look at all the Community User Groups and join today!

"I walk away, walk away, I will follow..."


Excuse the lyric to one of my favorite U2 songs....But the message of following is the theme of this week's Tip/Trick!


You may have noticed a "Follow" button in certain areas of the site. Here, we'll show you what that means, what you can follow, and how you can do it, to always be up-to-date on important updates that YOU care about.


What is "Following?"


Following refers to literally what it means: As a Mimecaster, you'll be able to "follow" and always be up to date on all activity that occurs:

  • From community members you follow (i.e. when they post a status update)
  • On individual discussions or Shared Ideas (i.e. when there is a new reply to a thread)
  • Within individual spaces or user groups (i.e. by following 'Community Help,' you'll always be updated when something new is posted to this space as a whole)


How can I follow a fellow community member?


Navigate to the user profile itself of the community member you wish to follow, and you will see a 'Follow' button next to the member's name. By clicking it, the 'Follow' will in turn change to 'Following,' and you'll be up to date on activity now from this community member:



How can I follow a space?


To follow an area of the site (i.e. Share Ideas), navigate to the space or user group you wish to follow, and click the 'Follow' button at top right. You'll now be monitoring all activity that happens within this space. 



How can I follow an individual Shared Idea or discussion thread?


To follow an individual Shared Idea or discussion, navigate to the idea or discussion topic you wish to follow, and click the 'Follow' button at top right. You'll now be monitoring all activity that happens within this individual topic. 



OK, I've followed something. Where do I see these updates?


I'm really glad you asked this question! Whenever you click 'Follow' at any capacity (be it following users, spaces, discussions, etc.), a drop-down option of 'Following in' will appear, and you'll have the option of viewing updates from these spaces/people/discussions in your custom streams on your homepage (more info on that here: Make Your Homepage Your Own: Add Custom Streams) and within your Inbox on Mimecaster Central (more info here: You have mail! Using your Mimecaster Central Inbox).




Just remember to also ensure email notifications are enabled in your account as well if you wish to receive notifications on community activity directly to your work/personal email account (more info on setting these up in your Preferences here: Getting Started: Updating your Email Notifications).


Pro Tip:


Only follow what you really want to know about -- i.e. the least amount of noise for you that you'll find useful. For example, it may not be useful for you to follow the entire Shared Ideas space to be updated on every new idea or comment. On the flipside, however, it may be very useful for you to follow an individual idea within Shared Ideas that you've raised, or want updates on.


Want to learn even more Mimecaster Central tips and tricks, and how to best maximize your experience in Mimecaster Central? Be sure to follow our Site Help section. 

Redeem your hard-earned points now!


Please check out our store here:


How to Earn Points (via Missions and Actions)

Through Missions (All of these are available to sort through -- earned and unearned -- in the Reputation tab of your profile!):



Through Actions (note that there are daily caps on lower-value activities such as "liking" content. Activities such as answering questions will ultimately earn you even more!):

Individual ActionsPoints
Have your reply be marked as correct30
Have your reply be marked as helpful20
Ask a question20
Create a discussion 20
Create an idea in Share Ideas space20
Reply to (answer) questions20
Someone bookmarked or shared your content10
Create a status update10
Join a user group (after your first group)10
Follow another community member5
Rate content5
Comment on content5
Mark someone's reply as correct3
Someone replies to your content3
View a blog post3
Mention someone else (using @mention) 3
Someone “mentions” you3
Share a blog or discussion with another community member3
Like a piece of content2
Someone rates your content2
Vote on an idea in Share Ideas2
Someone voted on your Idea2
Vote on a poll2
Have your comment liked2
Mark someone’s reply as helpful2


What is Mimecaster Central Gamification?


Mimecaster Central Gamification is a system that lets you earn points, badges, levels, and even prizes as you participate in the community. Your growing expertise gains you extra benefits, recognition and Mimecaster Central Swag!


This adds fun to our community participation by gamifying it. This includes rewarding points and badges to motivate you to create, interact with, or view different content types. You can start by participating in the community and earning points.

Here's more about the gamification terms used in Mimecaster Central:



Group of actions required to earn a badge and/or points. A single mission can reward you with points, a badge, or both.



Fun images posted to your profile after completing a mission so everyone can see what you've accomplished.



Tally of how much you've earned by earning badges or completing actions in the community.



Benchmark that represents where you stand in relation to others in the community. You can move up levels by earning points.


Completing Missions

Missions are created by the Community Manager to provide short-term goals to help you obtain points and badges, and reach higher levels.

Check out what missions are available in Mimecaster Central by going to the top right and clicking your avatar > View Profile > Reputation. Then click on Missions in the left column.

You can use the drop down to sort the missions by Earned and Unearned:

Each mission card tells you how many points you earn when you complete the mission and earn the badge. It also describes the mission. It might say "Create 25 pieces of content " or "Install 5 apps," and this is how you'd complete the mission.

By completing a mission, you will earn a badge and points!


Earning Points

Participate in the community to earn points. These points are what you need to advance to higher levels.

Basically, you can earn points by taking certain actions in your community, such as liking a blog post, creating an idea, or asking a question.

You can complete missions as a fun way of earning points and gaining new levels.


How do I see my Reputation and available Missions?

To see how you are ranking and available missions, visit your Profile.

1.      Click on your avatar in the top right header

2.      Select View Profile

3.      Once in your profile, you are able to click on the More link to select Reputation

4.      Once in your reputation center, you are able to see your point activity, your level, available and earned missions & badges and how to earn more points.

Here, you are also able to assign your “Me in 3” badges to your profile.

Simply drag the available badges to the grey area for "Me in 3". Other users in the community can see your Me in 3 by hovering over your name in the community.


How to purchase items from the Store

By participating in the community, you are able to earn points and purchase Mimecaster Central swag!

To enter the Mimecaster Store, go to your Avatar and select Store from the dropdown OR on the side banner of the home page you will find a direct link to the store.

Here you can see the available items that you can purchase with your points.



Enjoy your Mimecaster Central Swag: Wear it proud and wear it loud! 

Like Kermit the Frog once said, "It ain't easy being grey..." (OK, so it may be 'green,' but for the purposes of this exercise, roll with this analogy!). Those grey shadows you may have seen next to users' profile names indicate undefined avatars -- in other words, dreary-looking profiles with no personality or face to the name!


We encourage you to update the avatar in your profile, and display your personality in the community -- a headshot, a selfie or a photo that shows your beautiful/handsome mug. And there's something in it for you (more on that in a moment)!




How do you show your smile?

  • Select the avatar in the upper right corner
  • Click Edit profile
  • Click on the Avatar Tab

  • From here, click 'Add another avatar' and follow the prompts to upload your headshot. Once uploaded, be sure it is selected as the default image (the circle in the photo above), then click 'Finished' when complete.


Your avatar will then be shown in the community for others to connect with:




And voila -- doesn't that profile look much more beautiful or handsome? Oh yeah -- and going back to that topic of there being something in it for you: You'll receive 75 points to use towards sweet Mimecaster Central swag just for uploading your headshot as your image! 


For more information on Points and Rewards as a whole and to see other ways you can earn points beyond just uploading avatars, check out the following blog (we've recently refreshed with new ways to earn!):

Mimecaster Central: How Points/Rewards Work 


Also see:

We'll bet that many of you are on social networks, whether Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to name a few. Mimecaster Central isn't that different in its functionality (i.e. you can "like" content, have and maintain your own social profile, add other users to your own personal network, and so forth). In short, it's a very social platform, too! 


One area in particular that's extremely social and inviting, for an at-a-glance-view of everything going on in your world of groups, users you're following, etc. (think your Facebook news feed), is your News & Activity streams, located on the homepage just below the faces of our experts and legends:



Get to know your streams


Clicking into each stream individually will give you a quick at-a-glance of all the latest activity in each area. As an example, here's all of the most recent discussions happening in our forums, by clicking Mimecaster Discussions. Note that you can sort by either Most Recent, or Top & Trending, too:



Add your own custom streams, too


A fiend for even more information? Our out-of-the-box streams not enough? You can also add custom streams that give you the latest and greatest information happening in any area of the community...or to keep tabs on important power-users within Mimecaster Central.


For the purposes of this how-to blog, let's create a custom stream to follow Community Manager Ryan Arsenault (and who wouldn't want to follow that dashing fellow?).


Clicking the + icon will bring you to a screen to add a custom stream:



On the New Stream page you are brought to, to create a custom stream of following Ryan (all action items are circled in the image below):


1) Under Stream Name, name this custom stream something to your liking, and that identifies the area or person whose activities you'd like to follow -- here, we've named it Ryan's Updates

2) Run a Search for Ryan Arsenault

3) Click 'Add' when the search result for Ryan comes up, to add his activity to this new custom stream

4) Most important is to click the "Done" box at top-right of this new stream to save it in your view of streams on the Mimecaster Central homepage.


And voila -- Ryan's Updates are now on your homepage news/activity feed! Ever need to edit the stream or delete it altogether? The pencil and x icons (circled below), respectively, will take care of these tasks for you.



With these simple steps, you're well on your way to a very social experience -- like the Facebook News feed -- with everything you want to know currently happening in the areas of Mimecaster Central YOU want to know about. 

Please join us in welcoming Ryan Arsenault as our new Mimecaster Community Manager! 

Make sure to give Ryan a warm welcome to the community. Say Hello!


Ryan ArsenaultHello from Your New Community Manager 


Just wanted to introduce myself to the community: Ryan Arsenault here -- joining Mimecast and Mimecaster Central as your Community Manager. Pleasure to meet all of you on what is my first week here!  Read More