Mimecast’s Customer Experience Measurement Program (Part 1): Your Journey is Our Journey

Blog Post created by user.POKpBipZL Employee on Sep 21, 2016

“As Mimecasters, we love working together to help our customers make email safer for business. Designing and delivering an awesome customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.”

At Mimecast, we believe in designing each customer interaction so it not only meets your needs, but is easy and enjoyable, too. Mimecast is orientated around the “Outside In” approach. We consider all stakeholders in our design of great experiences, from customers, to partners to our own staff.


As Mimecasters, we are fiercely proud of our very high renewal rates which show that not only do we do a great job delighting our customers and make them want to renew year on year, but that they adopt more and more Mimecast technology along their journey with us. We take this as a sign of trust between true partners.


We know the feedback you provide about your experiences with us along your journey allows Mimecast to design and architect for ongoing success. We want to deliver Legendary Customer Success™ – but we have to LISTEN.


We’ve mapped out 13 key touchpoints or moments of engagement along the typical customer journey to gain a better understanding of how our customers perceive their interactions with Mimecast. Everyday, customers provide insights and feedback that allow us to drive customer success innovation.



To help design and execute a successful customer experience measurement program, Mimecast adopted Forrester® Research Inc.’s Customer Experience Index (CXi) framework. We used this framework to map out both broad and specific customer journeys to create a customer measurement program rooted in sound measurement practices.




By identifying our key customer journey touchpoints, Mimecast can use CXi measurement to identify best practices in the future. At these touch points in your customer journey, we ask for your feedback that will help us provide a better experience going forward.


To calculate CXi for each touchpoint experience, we ask our customers three questions:

  • How well did we meet your needs?
  • How easy was it?
  • How enjoyable was the experience?



We also provide an opportunity for additional feedback.


We also calculate a second measurement, Net Promoter Score (NPS), which denotes how likely customers would be to recommend Mimecast.  It’s our goal to be constantly improving these scores, so your honest feedback will always be appreciated.


Every month, we publish our CXi and NPS scores to all our staff internally, so that as Mimecasters, we can celebrate the highs and hold each other accountable for fixing the lows.


Our product team uses the feedback extensively to design better features and capabilities. We don’t commit to getting it right every time. We do, however, commit, to being transparent and honest in our eternal quest to drive Legendary Customer Success™ .


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