Mimecast’s Customer Experience Measurement Program (Part 2): Making it Happen

Blog Post created by user.POKpBipZL Employee on Sep 27, 2016

“As Mimecasters, we love working together to help our customers make email safer for business. Designing and delivering an awesome customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.”


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Our Program in Practice

It’s important we share the results of our customer measurement program across all of Mimecast. Detailed scores and customer comments from each touchpoint are shared with our Leadership and a monthly summary is provided to Mimecast staff. The Mimecast teams responsible for each touchpoint are engaged and focused on improving your customer experience.


The creation of our online community, Mimecaster Central, is an example of the power of our customers' feedback. The community was designed with customers in mind as a hub to provide feedback and ideas, gain support from peers, and stay up-to-date with the latest product information.


At Mimecast, we believe that first impressions count. To improve our customers’ experience, we re-engineered our core implementation process. In addition to delivering instructions step by step via email, the Connect Application was introduced in Fall 2017. This interface better distinguishes Mimecast and customer mail server configuration issues and provides links to relevant Knowledge Base resources.


Mimecast understands that its commitment to customer experience measurement is essential to our valued customers and our own success. When discussing our measurement program with customers, I like to sum up Mimecast’s belief as follows: “Your journey is our journey and we cherish every step.”


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