New Continuity Features to Respond Quicker to Mail Flow Disruptions

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Dave Hood is the Director of Technical Marketing focused on Office 365, continuity, and the Mimecast API. A Mimecaster since 2015, he’s a frequent speaker and commentator on cloud collaboration.


Mimecast is pleased to announce new features that make it easier for administrators to respond quickly to email flow disruptions.


Whether an organization runs mail servers on-premises or with a cloud service like Exchange Online through Office 365, email disruptions are a real threat. Email is the number one channel for business communication and any problem can result in lost revenue, upset customers, and brand damage. Mimecast provides a secondary delivery path for email in the event of an inbound or outbound mail issue and gives administrators the tools to react quickly when a problem occurs.

Let's look at the new features:

  • Monitor: Mimecast monitors for high latency and failed deliveries, both inbound and outbound, so administrators stay on top of potential issues.
  • AlertAn adjustable threshold for mail flow issues gives administrators the ability to tailor when they are notified. Once the threshold is met, an alert is generated and sent via SMS or to an alternate email address. Administrators are warned of potential problems on any device, anywhere.
  • RespondA continuity event portal provides the administrator with key metrics to assess the severity of the problem and respond quickly. One-click activation starts continuity mode, making Mimecast responsible for delivering email until the primary service is back online. A customizable SMS message to users reduces manual tasks and ensures the employee base follows company procedures.

These features extend Mimecast’s leading Continuity service that allows users to continue working in applications they use everyday. The Outlook for Windows plugin keeps the user experience the same and employees productive. Other options include the Mimecast web portal, mobile applications, and a native Mac application.

Mimecast is focused on providing the best security and resilience for email. These new Email Continuity features will be available in March 2017.


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