Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Onyi Ejiasa

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Mimecaster Central community member Onyi Ejiasa is an Enterprise Architect for a global entertainment, energy, arts and philanthropy organization. Although he originally set out to explore mechanical engineering, he changed course into IT close to 20 years ago after his first encounter with web design. Onyi ultimately left web design to pursue the shiny toys that could be had on the infrastructure side of the house.


He is originally from Ohio, United States (Go Buckeyes!) but now happily resides in sunny Colorado. Onyi has a passion for all things tech, but enjoys snowboarding and cars in his spare time.


Could you describe your role in your company, and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


As an Enterprise Architect, it is my responsibility to thoughtfully guide our business down a sometimes precarious path with technology. The solutions I help implement need to speed up business processes, reduce workload, and provide a secure environment in which our users can thrive. I started life as a systems administrator, rolled in layers of network administration, and then topped it off with a healthy dose of security practices.


In my opinion, e-mail still remains king in the land of business communication. Mimecast’s platform allows us to deliver a convenient, easy-to-use malware and phishing protection solution that does not compromise on security.


Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off with Mimecast services?


Be patient and nail down the basics first. There are so many great features available in the Mimecast platform that it can be tempting to roll them all out at once. If you make the experience of the end user one of your highest priorities, you will quickly find it prudent to make implementation decisions based on that priority.


Favorite feature of Mimecast products that’s been a lifesaver for you or your organization?


That’s easy. Our goal has always been to empower our users to manage as much of their e-mail services as possible. The Mimecast for Outlook plug-in gives our admin team a great way to offload real-time spam, encryption, and tracking management to users. I think they can appreciate when IT can ‘get out of the way’ and allow them to function somewhat autonomously.


Favorite movie? Food? Musical act? Book?


My tastes are diverse. Think action flicks and soft rock mixed with R&B and romantic comedies. As far as food goes, I’ll try just about anything once.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


My wife and I are sailing just past two years of marriage. When my 9-to-5 isn’t requesting extra hours, I love spending a lot of my time with her riding our bikes and fixing up our home.


Star Wars or Star Trek? 


Set phasers to stun!


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