Mimecast 101: Troubleshooting Authentication Issues [Video]

Blog Post created by user.zL0FB6OKWo Employee on Mar 14, 2017

Michael Conley is the Director of Service Delivery Enablement at Mimecast. He has enjoyed assisting customers and growing a legendary support team since 2012. Michael was the FY16 Mimecaster of the Year.


2017 is shaping up to be yet another an exciting year for learning at Mimecast. Adding value to the Mimecast brand through education and enablement is a cornerstone of all that is Legendary Customer Success. You will hear more about this exciting program in the coming months.


If you haven't seen my previous Mimecast 101 community post on Track and Trace, I also encourage you to take a look. My goal with this series is to take the real-world lessons we’ve learned from our support teams and customers around the world and distill them into easy-to-understand troubleshooting concepts.


For this one, I have put together a new video below on troubleshooting basic authentication issues, using only a few basic steps, to help viewers identify and remediate common authentication issues.


As always, if you have any ideas, questions, or just want to say hi – please follow my profile, or leave a comment below. I am passionate about learning and teaching, and hope to pass some of my enthusiasm on to you!



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