What are Those 'L' Icons in the Community?

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Jul 5, 2017

You may have noticed a subtle, new  icon next to some folks' names within Mimecaster Central over the past week. 


These community members have been designated Mimecast Legends for their tireless commitment to and championing of Mimecast and Mimecaster Central, along with a dedication to bringing Legendary Customer Success to their peers! 


Mimecast Legends:


  • Are some of our most active Mimecaster Central users
  • Frequently help their peers and offer a lending hand in the Community Forums
  • Participate in quarterly (or so) feedback calls with our Product Management team to help improve our products
  • Get random acts of delight and other goodies send their way for their Mimecast activism...not to mention the dignified honor (and fame and prestige!) of being a Legendary Mimecaster Central user!


We will continue to build out the Mimecast Legends program in the coming months as our community grows bigger and better each day. In the meantime, Legends, you know who you are   The Mimecast team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all your continued dedication to your peers. 


Take their words of wisdom to heart! Who knows -- you could be the next Mimecast Legend....