Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with David Ignash

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Mimecaster Central community rockstar (and Legend!David Ignash is a Security Administrator, working for a financial institution that specializes in farm loans. He’s been tinkering with IT ever since he got his hands on his first Commodore 64. David has lived in Michigan (United States) all his life, and currently lives in the Lansing area.


Could you describe the role in your company, and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


In short, my role is anything and everything that has to do with security: Monitoring the SIEM device, producing policies and procedures, training users, enforcing best practices, configuring the firewall, penetration testing, and so on.


Since the majority of attacks start with a phishing email, Mimecast helps me on a daily basis by scanning every email, and making that layer of communication more secure. In the words of Forrest Gump: “That’s good. One less thing.”


Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off with our services?


It’s a journey...not a race. Mimecast has a lot of moving parts, and they all interact together. Learn about one piece, test it out, and see how it works for your organization. One size does not fit all. Read the Top 10 list I put together, which should get you started.


When all else fails, or even if you just have a general question, don’t be shy and post it to the Community Forums. We’re here to help!


Favorite Mimecast feature you couldn't live without, or that’s been a lifesaver for you or your organization?


The level of granular detail that Mimecast gives you control over. Want to have all emails with the word “unicorn” in it forwarded to you? You can do that! Want to add the text 'URGENT' to any email from a certain sender? You can do that, too!


Favorite movie?


Idiocracy by Mike Judge.



Thai – Peanut curry noodles.






Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


I’m married, have a toddler, and another kid in elementary school. That occupies 99% of my free time. If the stars align on a blood moon, somehow allowing me free time, I usually play video games. I usually stick to open world games, RPGs, and strategy games.

Star Wars or Star Trek? 


Star Wars! I really liked the part where Jean-Luc Picard trained with Harry Potter in order to get better at magic. It’s too bad that he had to battle Gandalf, who was his dad. 

Just kidding.


I like Galaxy Quest. I know it’s a movie, and not a series, but it kind of fits with the Star Trek theme. On a side note, I may have been to Star Trek conventions in the past, and may have studied the Klingon language (Qapla’!). That would be too nerdy though. I would never do that.


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