Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Dawn Cronin

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Jul 31, 2017

If you've ever asked a question in our Mimecaster Central Community Forums, you may recognize this familiar face in Dawn Cronin, whom, along with our amazing peer-to-peer community of thousands, assists with many of these answers. Be sure to drop her a hello below in the comments or in our Community Forums today!


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Could you describe your role here at Mimecast? We know a big portion of it has to do with Mimecaster Central… 


My current role at Mimecast is Technical Trainer, to which I transitioned in June 2017, from the CX Technical Consultant role. I still lend a hand in Mimecaster Central as well. I now focus nearly all of my time on technical training delivery to Mimecast customers and their end users. Keeping up with the posts in the Community Forums and Share Ideas helps to keep me current on trending topics of interest, and that helps me in my new role!


Much of your work is spent with folks using Mimecast products everyday in their jobs. What’s your favorite part about working with our customers and community?


I enjoy hearing stories about how customers solve their business problems with our platform, sometimes in combination with other products or business processes.  


Favorite feature of Mimecast products you couldn’t live without from a personal user standpoint? 


The Archive: Search feature in Outlook or Mimecast Personal Portal, and the easy way I can retrieve an email or an attachment from the archive, even on my phone.


Best piece of advice for someone just starting off with Mimecast?


For administrators, attend the instructor-led online trainings as soon as it is practical. 


What keeps you busy off the clock?


I volunteer at a local Audubon Center in my neighborhood, and I love gardening, and spending time with my two terriers.


Favorite food? Band? Movie?  


I love to cook, I have a kitchen garden, and I am a Texan. I like all spicy food, but Mexican is a big favorite (and I have peppers and cilantro year round!). I like music that makes me want to move (Western Swing to EDM to Salsa). I am a SciFi fan from way back.


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