New Gamification/Point 'Levels' in Mimecaster Central

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Aug 3, 2017

We've just added (and renamed) a couple of new point 'levels' as part of Mimecaster Central's gamification/points program! 


The background here: We thought it was a big jump to go from 15,000 points to the next level of 200,000, so the 50,000 and 100,000 levels were added to reflect this gap. Additionally, seeing that Mimecaster was a lofty goal of 500,000, that threshold has been reduced to 400,000.


Here's a preview of these new point levels (old on the left -> new on the right):



As always, you can see your missions earned, level status, and more in the Reputation tab of your community profile. Remember, too, that these points can be used toward cool rewards


We anticipate some special rewards (hint, hint) outside of the Points and Rewards store as folks get into the upper echelons of our Points program, too.


But keep in mind that these special rewards won't go to just anyone: As part of our efforts to raise the bar (and competition!) of quality contributions to fellow Mimecast community members, we'll always take into account the individual users' contributions if they reach our highest levels.


For example, if a user's contributions are just "following" every user's profile and "liking" each piece of content, that won't hold as much weight as, say, combining "liking" content with valuable activities like providing a solution in the Forums to a fellow community member. To that point, too, we have daily caps in place for "liking" content and other easier-to-reach activities. 


Enjoy these new point levels...and the healthy competition. Who knows? You may just be next on our Monthly Leaderboards in the Community Forums