Hurricane Harvey: Ensure Your Business Can Weather the Storm

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Aug 25, 2017

Mother Nature has a tendency to render anything and anyone powerless in its wrath -- even our businesses aren't immune. And there's no bigger manifestation of this than the hurricane, where heavy, swirling winds and flooding can wreak havoc on entire communities in its path.


As of this morning, residents in Texas in the United States are bracing for this potential worst, as Hurricane Harvey, a strong Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 105 MPH, inches closer to the coast. When it makes landfall late this evening and into the early hours of Saturday morning, it is expected to be Category 3. 


As a result, many companies in the storm's path are already bracing their employees and organizations for the worst with business continuity plans being rolled into place. 


Mimecast too offers continuity guidelines for administrators to plan and provide end users with continuity of email services -- and peace of mind -- during an infrastructure outage or disaster recovery event such as Hurricane Harvey. With our Continuity Best Practice and Mimecast Continuity Planning Manual documents, you'll be able to plan for any outage before it even takes place, reducing the amount of administration required when the hurricane is in full swing. 


So remember to get you and your loved ones to safety first and foremost, but at the same time, plan ahead for your business and your end users. 


Weather the storm now with our business continuity planning materials (and be sure to print out physical copies to keep handy):

Continuity Best Practice 

Mimecast Continuity Planning Manual