Introducing New Mimecaster Central Homepage Updates

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Sep 19, 2017

You may notice a refreshed look to Mimecaster Central upon your latest visit:





We've eliminated the search bar in the center of the page to streamline the search experience with the existing "magnifying glass" at top-right. A note indicating "community search has moved" will be displayed for the next couple of weeks pointing to the updated search experience here.


Alternatively, community members who want to just search Knowledge Base (KB) resources only can do so by navigating to the KB first.


New Community Members


We've heard a lot of feedback that our community is a big, useful site...once you figure out how to use it.


We didn't think that "figuring out how to use the site" should even be a "thing," so we've added four new "actions" to take from the homepage, featuring some of the most important functionality you can use from within the community, from Asking a Question in our Community Forums to Searching our Knowledge Base for the article you need to get your job done.


As part of these four "actions" is a brand-new guide for all New Users, highlighting 10 steps to take to ensure Legendary Customer Success within Mimecaster Central. Get to know these important pieces of the site!


Returning Community Members


And we know that everyone returning to the site needs a reason to sometime visit the homepage, the "Hub" of everything trending community-wide.


So, with some added real estate, upon logging in, the same dynamic "top and trending" latest community discussions you've already enjoyed will now be moved even further up on our homepage. Additionally, a rotating carousel on the right-hand side displays must-know information and featured highlights from around the community, along with a list of must-follow profiles of "Legends"!




We have previously enhanced our navigation in Mimecaster Central, and we'll continue to make enhancements as our community grows. In other words, our work in delivering Legendary Customer Success is never over! 


Happy Navigating across the community