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Ryan Arsenault is the Community Manager of Mimecaster Central.


I was working from the comfort of home yesterday typing an email to my colleague from my dining room when I heard my wife's voice in the other room:


"What? Ryan is here with me. Are you talking about Sean?....No, Ryan is here in the dining room, and he's been here all day. What are you talking about?" 


By the way, Sean is my brother. My ears perked up. Who was this calling my wife, and what in heavens is going on in there? All sorts of thoughts started racing around in my always-racing mind.


In turns out that it was my grandfather calling my wife, informing her that Ryan had been in a bad car accident, his face was all banged up, and that he had caused it....putting a pregnant woman in the hospital. He was in jail, and my grandfather needed to send $2500 to bail him out. 


When my wife mentioned that no, none of this is true at all, and that Ryan hadn't left the house all day, it was my mother who was in the background of the call on speakerphone who put two and two together and proclaimed, "You got scammed!" This response, too, was somewhat in relief after literally crying all afternoon regarding the fact that I had nearly murdered someone in my car. 


The saddest part of this story for me was that he actually went down to the Walmart in my hometown and wired the "bail money," all $2500 of it, to this criminal party. 


I ended up calling my grandfather back later on, asking all sorts of questions: Why didn't you call Sheryl first? Why did all of this time elapse before you called anyone? Why did you wire money to someone you didn't know!? I was sitting at home all day literally sipping my Starbucks at the dining room table, doing work, while all this was happening!!!!


The point of this story is not to make my grandfather feel bad. In fact, I felt absolutely horrific for a large chunk of yesterday knowing that my 81-year-old grandfather not only was upset for a period of time, but had lost out on $2500 of money he simply did not have (that he thankfully got back - they hadn't picked it up yet!). These questions came from a place of not wanting this to happen to him ever again.


I point this story out, and the questions I asked my grandfather, to highlight the fact that anyone in your organization can be an easy target. 


Technology is obviously a big part of the equation, and being the unbiased () guy I am, I think you've made a fine choice with Mimecast. But wrap into your organization's security strategy a well-rounded education program that's consistent and regular. This is all too real, as this actually happened to me and my family yesterday afternoon. Educate your users...the first and last line of defense against your organization, and stress the importance of red flags. If it seems suspicious, it probably is.


And give your grandparents or parents a hug or a phone call to tell them to be extra vigilant, tonight, too. 

In addition to the latest updates on Mimecast products and services, by following the Service Updates section of Mimecaster Central, you'll now always be up to date anytime our Knowledge Base documentation is refreshed.


The Mimecast Education team has recently added Knowledge Base Updates to its roster of educational materials for Legendary Customer Success in Mimecaster Central. 


Check out the most recent editions of Knowledge Base updates below, and be sure to follow Service Updates for more:


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Today, a new ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit has hit businesses in Russia and Ukraine and has been identified as an updated strain of the ExPetr/Petya ransomware identified last year.


This new variant is installed via drive-by download as a fake Adobe Flash update. It is then able to spread rapidly to other machines on the network using the same exploit used previously by WannaCry and Petya. 


We are continuing to investigate and monitor, but at present have not seen email used as a distribution mechanism.


Note though, that once installed, the ransomware attempts to steal and exfiltrate credentials from the infected machine.  Stolen credentials are often used to log in to corporate webmail systems like Outlook Web Access where phishing campaigns can be launched from genuine employee mailboxes.


At this time, it appears that customers with Mimecast Internal Email Protect are protected from internally-generated phishing campaigns which result from stolen credentials being used to gain unauthorized access to corporate webmail.  We will continue to monitor the situation.


We recommend customers install required operating system patches from Microsoft to mitigate the risk of infection from Bad Rabbit and other previous variants.


As further information becomes available, we will make you aware here or on the Mimecast blog.

Sandra Cutler is the eLearning Developer Team Lead responsible for creating technical content on Mimecast products and services, as well as managing development lifecycles for the Education Team. Sandra joined Mimecast in August 2016, and is passionate about creating engaging content for all Mimecast customers, resellers, MSPs, and internal business stakeholders.


The Education Services Team at Mimecast is up to a lot these days, and our latest efforts are around creating content for end users.


If you read our previous blog, you’ll know that we are responsible for creating technical content for all Mimecast products.  Everyone can access our text-based content by navigating to our Knowledge Base (KB). In addition, we offer tutorial videos that can be accessed within Mimecaster Central and the KB using links embedded in the articles. These videos are hosted on our YouTube Mimecast Education Channel


Latest News: End-User Videos


We now offer end-user enablement videos for Mimecast for Outlook and Targeted Threat Protection. We hope you find these useful for your end users, so feel free to share them. Just remember that, when sharing, use the YouTube playlist links (not the links to the individual videos), as these are updated with new links when the product changes.


We are also pleased to tell you that all our new videos incorporate Closed Captioning.


Targeted Threat Protection: End User Enablement


The Targeted Threat Protection – End User Enablement videos help end users understand a variety of attack vectors and how the Targeted Threat Protection suite of products can help.


They cover everything from how to spot an imposter attempting to impersonate someone in your organization (Impersonation Protect), to delivering documents in a safe file format (Attachment Protect), as well as notifying end users when they have either attempted to send sensitive information or a malicious attachment (Internal Email Protect).


Mimecast for Outlook


Mimecast for Outlook videos cover all the tools (depending on the products purchased) that you can use on the Mimecast tab in the main ribbon within Outlook. This can include everything from searching your Archive to looking for items On Hold, as well as what to do during a Continuity Event. The videos also cover tools available on the Mimecast tab within a new email message such as sending an email securely, sending and requesting large files, and applying a signature.


Stay Tuned


Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Education Services Team, as we are continuously developing new content and always working to improve the material we produce. So, let us know how we’re doing. We’re here for you!


In fact, the main focus of our Legendary Customer Success is to always be listening to you, our customers. You are the key to our success – and your feedback is paramount to us improving our products and services.


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Matthew Gardiner is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Mimecast, currently focused on email security, phishing, malware, and cloud security.


This, of course, is a trick question, as the correct answer is "both." If security is a coin, then on one side of the coin are automated security controls and on the other side is the "human firewall."


When it comes to minimizing your cyber risk, it is not an either/or situation. Organizations should implement automated security controls (i.e. the Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection family of services), and not overburden users with determining what are or aren't cyber threats -- in many cases, this can be done efficiently and effectively by security systems.


But because there is, and never will be, 100% effective preventive security controls (attackers are just too good for that), it is important to also continuously invest in the right user awareness at the right time that leads to increased security understanding and caution of your user community.


Why do I bring this up now? Anyone here in the community using Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect, for example, knows that this is exactly Mimecast's philosophy -- the two-sided coin. User awareness during the teachable moment of clicking a link has been a built-in feature of URL Protect since the beginning. And now I am very happy to share that we have extensively revised and refreshed this capability to make it clearer, simpler, and really, almost a game for users to play as they go "clickety-click" on links in emails. 


If you liked the User Awareness capability of URL Protect in the past, you should love the new capability. Check out the recently posted Service Update that discusses this feature in more depth and provides the current target dates for arrival on a grid near you.


We have been using it for about a month at Mimecast (yes, we drink our own Champagne!), and the response has been very strong.


Check out some of Matthew's other Mimecaster Central posts:


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Get Your Threat Data Here! 

After the first and successful "test run" of our AMA (Ask Mimecast Anything), we decided to make this a regular thing!


When: Thursday, October 19th, 11am-12pm Eastern Time (4-5pm, UK) 

Add to Calendar


Where: The Mimecaster Central Community Forums (a dedicated thread will be displayed at the top of the Forums for your convenience, beginning earlier that week)


Who: Director of Product Management Steven Malone will be leading the answers, along with other members of the Mimecast team


What the heck is an AMA?: You may have seen these on such platforms as Reddit. Our AMA will give you an opportunity to speak with members of the Mimecast Product and Service Delivery teams, provide feedback, and have all your questions answered! We’ll do our best to answer all questions during the time allotted, and provide insight on product plans that have been finalized.  


See you October 19th in Mimecaster Central for our next Ask Mimecast Anything!