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After a trip through memory lane with Mimecaster Central in 2017, we thought it would be nice for another retrospective blog...about blogs.


No, this isn't an Inception moment: We'd like to serve you up in one convenient package the top 10 most popular blogs from withinThe Mimecaster Central Blog in 2017, ranked in order of page views.


A special shout-out goes out to our customer, and Mimecaster Central champion and Legend David Ignash who's Top 10 List for New Mimecasters was the most viewed blog created in 2017, and was a hit with both Mimecast customers and employees alike!


Without further ado, here's the list:


  1. Top 10 List for New Mimecasters 
  2. Changing Careers: Mimecast as my Catalyst 
  3. Eight Years Without Net Neutrality: The View from 2024 
  4. GDPR Management for Email: New Resources   
  5. Be Prepared: Download the Mimecast Continuity Planning Manual  
  6.  Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with CEO Peter Bauer 
  7. Mimecast 101: Troubleshooting Authentication Issues [Video] 
  8. Join Us for our First AMA (Ask Mimecast Anything) 
  9. Announcing: Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 
  10. Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Johan Dreyer 

Ryan Arsenault is the Community Manager for Mimecaster Central.


Mimecasters across the globe: It's no small feat what you, our beloved customers, accomplished in Mimecaster Central in 2017, a banner year for our community. 


Before we get into all of the individual accomplishments and milestones achieved, let's take a high-level overview by the numbers at where we stand as a community today, since our humble beta launch on October 6, 2015:


  • 30,000+ members signed up for a Mimecaster Central account
  • Approximately 1,000 product ideas shared viaShare Ideas 
  • 1,900+ discussions 
  • 1,000+ articles in our Knowledge Base
  • 1,515 questions (1,495 of these with responses!)
  • 1,535+ events marked as helpful
  • Nearly 450,000 views of Answered Questions in 2017, up from 325,000 in 2016!


Here are some additional stats pulled from the depths of our Mimecaster Central data:


Top 5 Knowledge Base Articles (in order of page views)


1) Mimecast SMTP Error Codes 

2) The Digest Email 

3) Mimecast for Outlook Overview 

4) Secure Messaging: Troubleshooting Log On Issues 

5) Authenticating Mimecast for Outlook 


(What's especially notable here is that we have had several instances, where comments on Knowledge Base articles like these and community discussions have led to the documentation being improved, sometimes substantially. We thank our community for all of this constructive feedback throughout 2017!)


Top 5 Search Terms in 2017 (in order of search inquiries)


1) Secure Messaging

2) Large File Send

3) Content Examination

4) Mimecast for Outlook

5) SPF


Top 10 in the 2017 Mimecaster Central Points Leaderboards 


  1. Benjamin Scott-Warwick
  2. Bill Holmberg
  3. Les Bessant
  4. David Ignash
  5. Jeremiah McBride
  6. Neil Gebhardt
  7. Onyi Ejiasa
  8. Alan Morris Admin Account
  9. Smith, Wayne
  10. Jason Cramsey


Most Popular Product Idea in 2017


This distinction goes to Joel Olivio's Apply URL protect within Attachments idea, which garnered a score of a whopping 1175 from upvotes within Mimecaster Central. The idea was implemented into our URL Protect service this year!


Noisiest/Most Polarizing Product Idea in 2017


Amazingly enough, the product idea of 2017 that generated a flurry of comments and very heated discussion had little to do with Mimecast products at all.


Adam Fasl's Update the Mimecast Support Hold Music thread generated 63 comments on what should be playing in the background while waiting on the phone for our Support team. Ideas ranged from Jazz all the way to 80's "Hair" bands (I personally think Metal should have still won out...)


Most Popular Mimecaster Central Discussion in 2017


Started at the very tail end of 2016 and picking up a lot more steam as 2017 chugged along, Deleted User's The specified item was not found. generated nearly 7500 views and 48 comments, giving it top honors for collective popularity within our Community Forums.


There actually could not be a better textbook use case of community, either, as our customers came together in this thread in droves to share their own custom regex entries.


Launching our User Research Panel


Moving on from hard statistics to programs within the community, Mimecaster Central saw the launch of our User Research Panel, where our UX Research team, led by Lisa Rex and Sophie Rochette, set out to work with Mimecaster Central community members on their feedback to help shape Mimecast products, and to give them a sneak peek at what's ahead!


We thank everyone that provided their engaged feedback on designs of Mimecast Connect Application v2The Administration Console, a brand-new search experience in Mimecast end-user apps, and for their participation in Targeted Threat Protection research sessions!


While 2017 may be the first year of our User Research Panel, in the year ahead, you can expect many more research sessions with the goal of bettering our products and ensuring they work well for the people who use them.


Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You


This year we kicked off a Q&A series that got to know the faces behind the community, both from Mimecast and within our customer base: Legends of Mimecast


...and Speaking of Legends...


This core group of super-engaged Mimecaster Central champions, Mimecast Legends, saw eight new members join its ranks within 2017 (beyond our awesome technical moderator from the Mimecast side in Corey Monteiro, chances are, you've probably seen the "L" icon pop up a lot on many of the answers to your questions). 


A community is only as good as its members, and this group of Legends is one of the biggest reasons Mimecaster Central is such a vibrant and active place for our customers! A big thank you to all of our Legends that helped out fellow community members throughout the year, and participated in exclusive calls with our Product Management team to help improve our products.


A Focus on Improving the "Newbie" Experience


After much feedback from our customers on enhancing the onboarding experience, one of these Legends in David Ignash put together a Top 10 List for New Mimecasters...and it has been a tremendous hit, to the tune of nearly 6,000 customer views in only half of the year!


A cousin to this list, we launched 10 Steps for Success with Mimecaster Central as part of the welcome package to help new customers get acclimated with the most important and useful functionality within the community.


Looking to 2018...and Beyond


All of this, of course, was a mere glimpse into what happened in 2017 at Mimecast, since this was all from the lens of community. After all, you may recall the launch of products from Sync & Recover Overview to Targeted Threat Protection: Internal Email Protect throughout the year.


But from a pure community perspective, there's even more to come in 2018. So what exactly is next, you say? Put simply, it's the next generation of Mimecaster Central: We look to the future of the community as we totally reimagine the structure, layout, and content within our ecosystem later on in the year. And the wheels have already been turning here with wonderful feedback from our Legends on what they'd like to see next.


Beyond this future vision, you'll see a continued dedication to Legendary Customer Success and even more of the useful content from Knowledge Base, the Forums, Blog, and Service Updates you've come to expect (oh, and not to mention some swag and other goodies thrown in there, because we know you love it).


Here's to a great 2017 and onto the next chapter of Mimecast's customer community! Whether you asked a question, viewed a Knowledge Base article, or shared a product idea, on behalf of the entire Community team, thanks to everyone who made this our best and most active year yet.