Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Jason Wright

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Jason Wright is a Junior IT Administrator at H&M Bay Inc., a refrigerated logistics provider specializing in fresh and frozen commodities transported throughout the US (i.e. seafood from the northeast and northwest, produce from the south, and even gator skins!). You may also know him as one of our oldest community members and Mimecast Legend!


Prior to getting into IT, Jason was in the automotive industry where he did a little bit of everything, from tech helper in high school, to lead technician at an independent shop, to general manager of his own auto parts store.


Jason lives on Maryland’s “Eastern Shore," and was born in Baltimore. 


Could you describe your role in your company, and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


My role is first the helpdesk admin. I handle just about all incoming calls ranging from application issues to hardware problems. Besides managing the helpdesk, I also manage our on-premise Exchange environment, Mimecast (of course!), our Cisco wireless equipment, enterprise AV solution, and other things including computer reloads and hardware upgrades.


I have been with H&M Bay since August 2014 when I got my start in the IT industry, and have no plans on going anywhere else!


Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off?


Take the Mimecast training, especially if you are new to Mimecast. It will allow you to get your feet on the ground and learn where to look for certain features.


After you are comfortable, join the community of course, and do the 10 Steps to Get Started with Mimecaster Central. I remember joining Mimecaster Central back in 2016. Originally, I came here looking to network and share ideas and learn some new information. From the beginning, I can say I have learned a lot from this community and its great network of individuals here.


Favorite feature of Mimecast products you couldn’t live without, or that’s been a lifesaver for you and your organization?


This is a two‐part answer! For my users and some admins, it is the Archive. I cannot tell you how many sighs of relief we hear when someone is able to find an email from a customer or shipper that helps to save the day.


However, for me personally, I love Targeted Threat Protection (TTP): Attachment Protect. Sandboxing is a great feature and we have many instances where users say “I NEED THIS ATTACHMENT.” Being able to show proof of the malicious intentions of an attachment to the users is great, but it also helps these users to share that information with the customers who may have been compromised. So essentially, to an extent, we get to save ourselves and customers. 


Favorite movie?


Hard to say. My favorite series, being a car person, is Gone in 60 Seconds (I mean, come on -- that Mustang is nice) followed closely by Law Abiding Citizen. This one is a little bit darker, but it really makes you think.




I love cooking and I get many recipes from Gordon Ramsey (we both speak in similar styles ). Anything with zucchini and I will eat it.




That is a hard one. I honestly listen to so many different types of music. If I had to choose, I would have to say Linkin Park. I'm a bit of a fanboy, having seen them live over eight times in three different states. Other than that, I listen to a lot of harder rock and like to be in mosh pits and at festivals like Rock on the Range and Mayhem Festival.




Right now, it is the MSCA for Server 2016 books for the certification I am studying for. I know...not exciting. I can't remember the last time I was able to read something out of fun that was not tech-related. Really want to read the Lord of the Rings series, though.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


A lot! It depends on the season. I am a huge baseball fan, so you have probably seen Ryan Arsenault and I go at it about the AL East at some point (go O’s!). So early spring / all of summer is baseball. I really want to start traveling to different stadiums, but college is holding me back from that currently.


In the fall/winter, when I am not an O’s or Ravens fan, I love to get into the outdoors and go hunting, especially waterfowl sport, one thing that the Maryland “Eastern Shore” is famous for.


Other than all of this, college keeps me busy. This is my second time in (first was for automotive). I recently got my AA and am working towards my Bachelors in Cyber Security, so I am definitely busy.


One thing someone here in the community wouldn’t know about you?


I am completely envious of everyone’s use of footnotes and I still need help with it!


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