Security Hardening Checklist

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Mimecaster Central community rockstar (and Legend!David Ignash is a Security Administrator, working for a financial institution that specializes in farm loans. He’s been tinkering with IT ever since he got his hands on his first Commodore 64. David has lived in Michigan (United States) all his life, and currently lives in the Lansing area. You can also check out his community Q&A here.


Have you ever wondered if you are using all of the Mimecast features available to make your organization as secure as possible? Well wonder no more! Follow this checklist to ensure that you are taking advantage of all that Mimecast has to offer.



Checked what account is your "Super Administrator"
  • Ensured that the password to your "Super Administrator" is in a secure location, not easily guessed
Does Help Desk have access to help external customers? (i.e. Secure Messaging)
  • Should they?

Do other users/administrators have the least amount of privileges to accomplish their job?

Managing Administrator Roles 


PII (Personally identifiable information)

Checked what your organization identifies as PII


Disaster Recovery

Have you performed a Disaster Recovery test at least once a year?


Up to date software

Are users running the most up to date version of "Mimecast for Outlook"?


URL Protection

Done?URL Protect
Is URL Protection enabled for all emails coming into your organization?


Attachment Protection

Done?Attachment Protect
Is Attachment Protection enabled for all emails coming into your organization?



Are TLS settings configured to ensure that email is sent securely?


Impersonation Protection

Are Impersonation Protection settings configured to alert the user of suspicious emails?


DNS Authentication

Are DNS settings configured to ensure that mail is sent securely?



Is greylisting configured to ensure that suspicious emails are filtered out?


Account settings

Are account settings configured to ensure the console is secured? (i.e. Admin IP Ranges)



Is Active Directory synchronization still pulling in the correct data?


Authorized Outbounds

Has anything changed with your authorized outbounds IP addresses?


Secure Messaging

Done?Secure Messaging
Has secure messaging been enabled so users can safely submit sensitive data?



Have the appropriate users been trained in how to use Mimecast securely, or even Mimecast at all?


This list provides a way to help you check major security settings within Mimecast. It is also meant to help you think of other areas within the application to ensure you are a secure as possible. You could check this once a year just to make sure things are healthy, and keep up with changes to your organization.


Thank you!