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Dan Sloshberg is the Product Marketing Director at Mimecast, taking the lead on the Mimecast API, GDPR and market intelligence. A Mimecaster since 2013 and over 20 years in tech, he is a frequent speaker on all things cloud, security, cyber resilience and GDPR.


Hot on the heels of our recent Application Programming Interface (API) Developer Portal launch, we are excited to announce our latest integration partner: LogRhythm – a leading enterprise security and threat management provider.  


This highly requested integration offers joint customers the ability to benefit from LogRhythm’s advanced correlation and pattern recognition by automatically consuming email security data directly from the Mimecast cloud service. By combining this data with security data from other sources within your infrastructure, you can improve overall threat visibility, detection and alerting.


Automated or manual action can then be taken to improve your security posture – directly from the LogRhythm console. These actions can include disabling accounts and updating security policies such as blocked senders and blacklisting or whitelisting of URLs.


Combined with Mimecast’s advanced email security capabilities, including Targeted Threat Protection, you'll all benefit from tools designed to deliver the most effective cyber security and resilience.


Find out more about the LogRhythm integration with Mimecast, download the data collector tool and access documentation on the API Developer Portal.


We also encourage all of you to share your own integration ideas here now in the community!

As part of our commitment to recognizing and rewarding our most active and helpful community members in Mimecaster Central, we are happy to announce the addition of two new point levels as part of our gamification programScholar (30,000 points) and Royal (150,000 points)


Here's a preview of these new point levels (old on the left -> new on the right):



Just to give you some background on how far we've come with gamification, when we piloted our community nearly three years ago back in late 2015, our community did not have a single Jedi Master (15,000 points +).


I'll actually go a bit further: It really didn't have a voice.


Thanks to all of your continued support, building lasting relationships, helping your fellow peers, and even suggesting some new support hold music, YOU have given our community a voice.


In fact, we are now 7,000+ active per month in Mimecaster Central, and amongst that, five Jedi Masters. In other words, you can be confident that by coming to our community, you'll always have a helping hand nearby, whether it's a welcome from our community champions (Legends), or an answer from a newbie that's eager to jump into the mix. It's a far more vibrant place than it was just a few years back, thanks to you.


So from the bottom of our hearts on the community team, thank you for your continued leadership in, and support of, Mimecaster Central. Enjoy climbing our leaderboards . We've got plenty in store for the coming months, including our next AMA, so stay tuned!


Pro Tip

As always, you can see your missions earned, level status, and more in the Reputation tab of your community profile.