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Matthew Gardiner is a Director of Product Marketing at Mimecast, currently focused on email security, phishing, malware, and cloud security.


Given that you are spending some time in this Mimecast community and are reading this blog, there is an excellent chance that you are securing your email with the Mimecast family of security services. Thanks for that! Of potentially high interest to you is our upcoming entry into the web security market. 


I want to bring to your attention our recent public step to extend our cloud-based security service into the domain of web security. While email is generally considered to be the dominant entry point for security threats, the web certainly isn't far behind and is often a key tool for attackers. And even in email-initiated attacks, particularly when malware is involved, attackers generally pivot to using the web to execute their attacks. 


We think it makes a lot of sense to bring those two worlds together - email and web security - into a single service that provides an integrated, yet multi-vector defense. That is why later this year we plan to release a new cloud-based web security service - Mimecast Web Security - that provides web filtering and acceptable use controls at the DNS resolver layer of the web. A key goal of the service is to give you a security service that is easy to deploy and manage, while providing strong security bang-for-the-buck.


I tell you this now because we have just moved into our public phase of early-adopter testing. This is open to any existing customer of Mimecast. If you have interest in taking part in this testing period, which is estimated to remain open until September 1st, I encourage you to indicate your interest by filling out the form on this page


Also, we have recently pushed live a beta testing subspace here. Check it out for some more details on the service and the program.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below in the comments.

Matthew Gardiner is a Director of Product Marketing at Mimecast, currently focused on email security, phishing, malware, and cloud security.


Have you noticed that we at Mimecast are increasingly talking about the need for resilience for your email? In fact, not too long ago, we added a significant amount of new content on under the heading Cyber Resilience for Email. Have you wondered why we are doing that? 


This brings me to the analogy of the iPhone. The iPhone fundamentally changed the nature of what mobile phones, computers, and cameras are -- from distinct products to integrated services provided on a single platform.


We see the same phenomenon changing email as it migrates from on-premises to the cloud. Email-supporting services such as security, archiving, backup, recovery, and business continuity, which in the on-premise email world had been delivered by separate products and deployment practices, are able to be more efficiently provided by an integrated cloud service, more like an iPhone.


Before making the transition to Cyber Resilience for Email, Mimecast previously talked about providing security, continuity, and archiving services for email. While certainly true, this description lacked the vision of providing an integrated service that combined all of those individual capabilities, and more, as an integrated service.


Given that IT organizations ultimately need to provide IT services in general, and email services in particular that are resilient, after much thought, we landed on the word “resilience” to best describe what we provide for organizations’ email. We Make Email Safer for Business through our Cyber Resilience for Email solution. Making what we provide clearer to the world is largely “why” we came out with Cyber Resilience for Email solution naming.


What is Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email? It is a combination of Mimecast services, including Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection, continuity, and the newest service member, Sync & Recover, which is an extension of our longstanding archiving service.


When used together, these services help organizations protect their email before, during, and after an attack, technical failure, or careless user or administrator action. With thousands of organizations and millions of users depending on it currently, it isn’t new for them, but it is part of a key general trend that Mimecast is leading that is sweeping through the IT marketplace.


I would be very interested to hear what Cyber Resilience for Email means to you and your organization!

The following blog is by Peter Bauerthe CEO and co-founder of Mimecast, which he launched in 2003 along with co-founder and CTO Neil Murray.


I am excited to announce that last week, Mimecast acquired Ataata. Together we can dramatically improve employee cyber security awareness training globally. Ask any security professional today and they will respond that their traditional end user security awareness training is extremely difficult to get traction with internally. Creating the right security culture is hard and programs that are considered boring don’t make that any easier.


Ataata has a unique approach to getting employees engaged, fundamentally changing corporate culture, and ultimately, changing human behavior. This is critical as human error is involved in almost all breaches, making organizations without the right training much more vulnerable. Our Mimecast + Ataata video training content will help everybody understand how important human behavior is when it comes to protecting their business and how to make better decisions.


With training done right, employees can be security teams' greatest allies. According to research Mimecast conducted with Vanson Bourne, 90% of organizations have seen phishing attacks increase over the last year, but only 11% say they continuously train employees on how to spot cyberattacks. This is a major problem in the industry, which is why we are thrilled that together, Mimecast and Ataata will help organizations close this gap.


Ataata is fun. It’s a compelling content platform focused on addressing the human firewall in a unique way.


Why don’t you check out the videos for yourself?


You can learn more about how Ataata is joining the Mimecast family here.