Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Wade Suster

Blog Post created by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee on Aug 27, 2018

Wade Suster (an active community Legend!) hails from South Africa as both a customer and channel partner, and has spent the past 13 years in IT. Wade's career began in retail, where he built computers to customer specifications, then shifted to security. His work in the security industry includes helpdesk support for antivirus software, and a focus on IPS systems, packet shapers and now, perimeter security. His relatively late start to security proves that it's never too late to start again!

Could you describe your role and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


I am a Security Engineer. The company I work for is focused purely on security -- because of this, I am involved with multiple products, but mainly focus on Mimecast.


I look after multiple customers' (17+) Mimecast environments, and assist where needed. I also do Mimecast pre- and post-sales, implementations, and assist with POCs. The best part about this is interacting with existing and potential new customers. With every new customer challenge, I learn something new and my knowledge of the Mimecast product increases.


With Mimecast blocking many known and unknown threats, phishing attempts and bad URLs, this makes my customers feel safe, and in return, makes my life a lot easier!


Which security issues was your company most looking to solve when it decided upon Mimecast?


My current company was already an existing Mimecast user before I started here, but from interacting with my customers before they were using Mimecast, their main requirements were Archiving, Continuity and Targeted Threat Protection (TTP). Before they used Mimecast, most of the customers had issues where malware and zero-day threats were still getting through.

Another reason for moving to Mimecast was that some of the customers were using multiple products for spam, malware and archiving.

Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off?


There is an answer to everything. If you have an issue with something, talk to Mimecast or log a call. The Mimecast staff are super friendly and helpful. Mimecast even offers free training, so take advantage of that!


Also have a look at the Mimecaster Central community. If you are stuck with an issue, ask for help, as there will always be someone there to assist. Have a look at previous discussions, as you can learn a lot here.


Most helpful feature of Mimecast services?


I have two, the first one being Data Leak Prevention. This is so customizable that you can create rules for just about anything.


The second one would have to be the use ofMailbox Continuity in Mimecast Mobile. It’s nice to be able to receive and send emails, and even search the archive from my mobile device -- if there is an issue connecting to Exchange, I can just use the Mimecast apps. I use Mimecast Mobile just about every day.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


I am super competitive, so anything that involves winning something. I love playing Pool (Billiards), Squash, and a bit of gaming when I can.

Favorite movie?


This has got to be The Shawshank Redemption!

One thing someone here in the community wouldn’t know about you?


I can't stand onions!


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