Announcing New SIEM Integration: IBM QRadar

Blog Post created by user.Yo2IBpVXdv Expert on Nov 21, 2018

Dan Sloshberg is the Product Marketing Director at Mimecast, taking the lead on the Mimecast API, GDPR and market intelligence. A Mimecaster since 2013 and over 20 years in tech, he is a frequent speaker on all things cloud, security, cyber resilience and GDPR.


We are delighted to announce yet another integration with leading SIEM solution IBM QRadar. This follows our recent announcement of Mimecast for LogRhythm and the latest update to our Splunk app.IBM Security Logo


Combating the rapidly evolving threat landscape is a constant struggle, with email remaining the number one attack vector and threats becoming more stealthy, sophisticated and evasive to detection. The Mimecast for IBM QRadar app offers organizations better detection and alerting before, during and after an attack.


Integrating Mimecast data into the QRadar system through the Mimecast data logging API allows email security data to correlate against other data sources, and be included in behavioral anomaly detection, helping to identify indicators of advanced threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Joint Mimecast and IBM customers can better predict and prioritize what vulnerabilities to remediate through improved visibility of attacks with highly focused alerts. The impact of an attack can be minimized through faster response times made possible by using one single system for threat intelligence and response.


Access the Mimecast for IBM QRadar application through IBM’s Security App Exchange. You can also find out more through Mimecast’s developer portal.


We also encourage all of you to share your own integration ideas here now in the community!