Survey of Mimecast Customers Covering Internal Email Threats

Blog Post created by user.v1YcBgOpe0 Employee on Apr 5, 2019

We recently conducted a survey of Mimecast customers using our Internal Email Protect (IEP) service. As a reminder, IEP is the fourth member of our Targeted Threat Protection family. It focuses on inspecting, blocking, and removing malicious or otherwise unwanted emails and attachments that are internally generated (that is, internal-to-internal or outbound emails) or are inside your users' inboxes and archive. 


When used in conjunction with URL Protect, Attachment Protect, Impersonation Protect, and DLP, IEP completes the 360-degree protection for your email traffic. With it enabled, you have your inbound, outbound, and internal email traffic well secured.


The reality is that bad things do not just come from the outside. Sometimes compromised, careless, or malicious users or malware exists on the inside of your organizations. This is often how attacks spread or sensitive data can move to a place where it shouldn't.


We have summarized the results in an infographic here. And I have also provided an overview in a recent blog.


I would be interested to hear your comments, or better yet, your internal threat war stories that you are comfortable sharing with your peers here in the community!