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Sandra Cutler is the eLearning Developer Team Lead responsible for creating technical content on Mimecast products and services, as well as managing development lifecycles for the Education Team. Sandra joined Mimecast in August 2016, and is passionate about creating engaging content for all Mimecast customers, resellers, MSPs, and internal business stakeholders.


The Education Services Team at Mimecast is up to a lot these days, and our latest efforts are around creating content for end users.


If you read our previous blog, you’ll know that we are responsible for creating technical content for all Mimecast products.  Everyone can access our text-based content by navigating to our Knowledge Base (KB). In addition, we offer tutorial videos that can be accessed within Mimecaster Central and the KB using links embedded in the articles. These videos are hosted on our YouTube Mimecast Education Channel


Latest News: End-User Videos


We now offer end-user enablement videos for Mimecast for Outlook and Targeted Threat Protection. We hope you find these useful for your end users, so feel free to share them. Just remember that, when sharing, use the YouTube playlist links (not the links to the individual videos), as these are updated with new links when the product changes.


We are also pleased to tell you that all our new videos incorporate Closed Captioning.


Targeted Threat Protection: End User Enablement


The Targeted Threat Protection – End User Enablement videos help end users understand a variety of attack vectors and how the Targeted Threat Protection suite of products can help.


They cover everything from how to spot an imposter attempting to impersonate someone in your organization (Impersonation Protect), to delivering documents in a safe file format (Attachment Protect), as well as notifying end users when they have either attempted to send sensitive information or a malicious attachment (Internal Email Protect).


Mimecast for Outlook


Mimecast for Outlook videos cover all the tools (depending on the products purchased) that you can use on the Mimecast tab in the main ribbon within Outlook. This can include everything from searching your Archive to looking for items On Hold, as well as what to do during a Continuity Event. The videos also cover tools available on the Mimecast tab within a new email message such as sending an email securely, sending and requesting large files, and applying a signature.


Stay Tuned


Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Education Services Team, as we are continuously developing new content and always working to improve the material we produce. So, let us know how we’re doing. We’re here for you!


In fact, the main focus of our Legendary Customer Success is to always be listening to you, our customers. You are the key to our success – and your feedback is paramount to us improving our products and services.


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End-User Enablement 

Sandra Cutler is the eLearning Developer Team Lead responsible for creating technical content on Mimecast products and services, as well as managing development lifecycles for the Education Team. Having joined Mimecast in August 2016, she is passionate about creating engaging content for all Mimecast customers, resellers, MSPs, and internal business stakeholders.


Coming to Mimecast, after many years in law firm training and IT support, has truly been mind-blowing to say the least. It felt like I went from zero to sixty in just a matter of seconds.


Agile is the term I hear when people talk about this fast-paced SaaS company, and they’re right. From the moment I stepped in the door, I could feel the momentum here. It is in a constantly forward-moving state. New ideas are encouraged, not only from internal staff, but from customers as well. In fact, as you peruse Mimecaster Central’s Share Ideas section, you’ll hear the voices of your peers loud and clear.


My Story


My entire career up until Mimecast consisted of working in law firms. I was comfortable in the law firm space. Some would say, I was too comfortable.


In my role as trainer and course developer, I knew a lot about the software we used, and felt good about being the one everyone went to with the difficult questions. I felt good after a class hearing feedback that I made the subject matter easier to understand. I even had the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally to roll out new software in satellite offices. However, at some point -- I’m not sure exactly when it happened -- I became complacent. I found myself wanting more, and in need of a change.


Although I had a decent job and worked with good people, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing anymore. One thing that helped me at that point was running. I often ran on my lunch breaks through the streets of Boston, the park in the picture above being one of my regular paths. I used this time to sort out my thoughts and figure out what I truly wanted out of my career.


I’m not going to lie, the prospect of changing careers at that point in my life was, to say the least, scary, but not enough to make me hesitate.  So I decided to embark on a journey to find out what I liked to do best, and as fate would have it, I found myself gravitating toward eLearning. I was already designing Instructor-led training, so why not online as well?


My law firm, along with many others in the city of Boston, purchased eLearning bundles from a reputable learning and development company. The problem was, or maybe I should say, fortunately for me, the bundles didn’t include everything we needed. That prompted me to ask my manager about investing in eLearning software, and she agreed. I took a few courses, and the rest is history.


Mimecast Customer to Employee 


Ironically, the law firm I worked for purchased Mimecast during my last year there. So while you’re searching for Mimecast eLearning content, remember that some of it was created by a Mimecaster that used to be a customer!


Where can you find this material? There are actually a few places. Resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can access our content via the Mimecast Academy, using their respective portals. Customers can go to our Knowledge Base articles in Mimecaster Central. Many of these articles contain videos tied to our YouTube Mimecast Education Channel.


So here I am, feeling a little out of place, but at home at the same time. Is that possible? The atmosphere here is hard to describe, and very different from a law firm, for sure. All I know is, there are great minds here at work and I’m happy to be a part of it.  


Am I the one everyone knows? No. Am I the one everyone comes to with question? No. But I’m okay with that. I knew altering my career path would take me out of my comfort zone. After all, that was the whole point. I forced myself to push the boundaries and here I am, creating eLearning that makes content easier for people to understand. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed doing. I’m just using a different delivery method now.


The Education Team


I can’t complain. I have a great manager and co-workers, and all the tools I need to be successful.


I work for the Education Team creating technical content on Mimecast products. This team is not only comprised of eLearning developers like myself, but also technical trainers who conduct online training sessions, and a technical writer who is responsible for updating our Knowledge Base. We also work with various stakeholders throughout the company to create educational material for internal business verticals.


Legendary Customer Success


We are a team with the true Mimecast spirit -- always looking to improve, always moving forward. What was once good enough, is no longer. You as customers demand more of us and we demand more of each other. 


If you haven’t checked out our YouTube Channel in a while, take a look! You’d be surprised at how far we’ve come. In fact, the main focus of our Legendary Customer Success™ is to always be listening to you, the customer, as your feedback is paramount to us improving our products and services, just like other teams are already doing within Mimecaster Central.


Dream Job? And What's to Come from the Education Team


Would I go so far as to say this is my dream job? Yes, I think I can say that with absolute certainty. Is it perfect? No. But it has the potential for coming close, and with my team’s current leader and his vision, I have no doubt our goal of educating every customer, reseller, MSP, and Mimecast employee will become a reality.


In closing, I'd like to give one final thank you to my manager, who, in the interview process, saw something in me that made him decide I was the right candidate for the job. Without that, I would not be here today. Thank you, Dave Cardillo!


Stay tuned for more blogs from the Education Team, where we'll keep you up to date on all we have in store for you. 


And one final picture – it’s my new running path!