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Ed Jennings is the Chief Operating Officer at Mimecast, joining the company in August 2015, and leads the global marketing, sales and services teams.


I want to take just a brief moment to reflect on a big milestone for Mimecast that’s as much a celebration of our customers as it is a celebration for our employees.


One year ago this week Mimecast went public on Nasdaq’s stock exchange in the United States, a culmination and celebration of all of the amazing things we have achieved as an organization, including 21,800 customers, nearly 800 employees, and nine offices across the globe…with no stop in site.


We were founded in 2003 by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray – and the respective CEO and CTO are still at the helm of the organization today. Peter and Neil started Mimecast because they believed the cloud would become the ideal platform for email. And, as email became more mission-critical to organizations, there was an increased need to protect users, data and infrastructure – without complexity and cost. The founding mission was to build a secure cloud infrastructure and services to make email safer for business.


But, we’ve been able to get here because of more than just a technology mission alone. Peter and Neil set out to build an organization capable of creating innovative solutions and sustaining itself over time. Doing this meant creating a community of innovators and professionals who were engaged in the founding mission. Since the inception of Mimecast, we’ve grown the business according to his vision and values, carefully selecting like-minded employees, and putting the customer first.


And, here we are 13 years later as an organization, and one year after going public. I couldn’t be prouder of this milestone, one that really is a celebration for all Mimecasters. I will close with a quote from our leader, Peter Bauer, on the role all of you play in Mimecast’s business everyday:


Customers are our inspiration. We are here to be in service of them. Maintaining that clear perspective and priority makes all kinds of things fall into place inside our business.”


See how far we've come as an organization over the past 13 years (click to expand):