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My colleagues over at the Mimecast Threat Center have found and developed a technique that uses Power Query in Excel to dynamically launch a remote Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) attack into an Excel spreadsheet and actively control the payload Power Query.


Mimecast worked with Microsoft as part of the Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) process to determine if this is an intended behavior for Power Query, or if it was an issue to be addressed. While they declined to issue a fix at this time, Microsoft published an advisory (4053440) that indicates steps and procedures to provide information regarding security settings for Microsoft Office applications. The advisory provides guidance on what users can do to ensure that these applications are properly secured when processing Dynamic Data Exchange fields. 


Note that if you are a Targeted Threat Protection user, you are protected from the use of this technique already.


You can check out the full story from my colleague Ofir Shlomo of Mimecast Threat Center over at the Mimecast blog, which details in depth a potential exploit using Power Query to launch a DDE exploit.

The following blog is written byDan Sloshberg. Dan is the Product Marketing Director at Mimecast, taking the lead on the Mimecast API, GDPR and market intelligence. A Mimecaster since 2013 and over 20 years in tech, he is a frequent speaker on all things cloud, security, cyber resilience and GDPR.


In our cloud app and Internet-driven world, is there a better way to protect employees and your organization than using the cloud itself? This approach helps ensure that threats are detected and blocked before they ever reach your network. That’s better than waiting for something to land in your enterprise before it’s spotted, right?


This is the approach Mimecast has taken with our new web security service. It’s built on the same multi-tenant, cloud-native platform already used by tens-of-thousands of organizations for email security. 


Delivering security and monitoring at the DNS level, Mimecast Web Security helps to:

  • Protect against malicious websites and activity
  • Support the enforcement of acceptable web use policies
  • Consistently protect users both on and off the enterprise network
  • Minimize setup time, typically achieved in less than 60 minutes


These first two capabilities are respectively the #1 and #2 critical requirements of a web security service.[1]


How does Mimecast Web Security work?


  1. Employee web requests are sent to the Mimecast Web Security cloud service for inspection at the DNS level. The IP address is examined and either found safe or is blocked if deemed malicious or in violation of the acceptable use policy.
  2. Requests to suspicious sites are proxied to allow for deeper inspection including AV scanning of the site and contents (including file downloads).
  3. Office-based DNS traffic is sent via your internet gateway to Mimecast, while off-site requests (from roaming users) are sent to Mimecast using a locally installed security agent.
  4. Access logs and associated reports are generated by the Mimecast service and are available for review by appropriately privileged system administrators.


Multi-layered inspection


The Web Security service employs a multi-layered inspection system to protect against malicious sites and block inappropriate websites based on policy.



The value of having email & web security together


99% of malware is deployed using email and the web. Thus, combining email and web security protection can help organizations better protect themselves. By integrating Mimecast Web Security and Secure Email Gateway, you'll benefit from:


  1. Shared intelligence
    • The same threat intelligence is used to secure both email and web traffic
  2. Consistent protection
    • Targeted Threat Protection-Managed URLs for email apply to web as well
    • Advanced Similarity Checks used for email domains also apply to web
  3. Simple setup and management
    • A single Administration Console for email and web makes it easy to manage both technologies
    • Existing AD integration for Mimecast email security applies to the web
    • User accounts, roles and permissions for email also apply to web
    • Branding from email notifications also applies to the web
    • Combined admin audit reporting
  4. One vendor, one bill, one support route & team


Mimecast now helps our customers by addressing the top two cyberattack vectors – email and web – with a single, fully integrated, 100% cloud-based solution. Watch the Web Security demo video to find out more about how it works.


If you’re an existing Mimecast customer, you can start a free 30-day trial today.



[1] TechValidate survey of Mimecast customers, March 2019

On behalf of everyone on the Mimecaster Central community team, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones!


We are grateful for all of the wonderful conversations shared over the past year in our community. May you have more wonderful conversations spent with friends and family during this season.


We'll see (many of) you in 2019 (with some even bigger plans for community) 

Wade Suster (an active community Legend!) hails from South Africa as both a customer and channel partner, and has spent the past 13 years in IT. Wade's career began in retail, where he built computers to customer specifications, then shifted to security. His work in the security industry includes helpdesk support for antivirus software, and a focus on IPS systems, packet shapers and now, perimeter security. His relatively late start to security proves that it's never too late to start again!

Could you describe your role and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


I am a Security Engineer. The company I work for is focused purely on security -- because of this, I am involved with multiple products, but mainly focus on Mimecast.


I look after multiple customers' (17+) Mimecast environments, and assist where needed. I also do Mimecast pre- and post-sales, implementations, and assist with POCs. The best part about this is interacting with existing and potential new customers. With every new customer challenge, I learn something new and my knowledge of the Mimecast product increases.


With Mimecast blocking many known and unknown threats, phishing attempts and bad URLs, this makes my customers feel safe, and in return, makes my life a lot easier!


Which security issues was your company most looking to solve when it decided upon Mimecast?


My current company was already an existing Mimecast user before I started here, but from interacting with my customers before they were using Mimecast, their main requirements were Archiving, Continuity and Targeted Threat Protection (TTP). Before they used Mimecast, most of the customers had issues where malware and zero-day threats were still getting through.

Another reason for moving to Mimecast was that some of the customers were using multiple products for spam, malware and archiving.

Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off?


There is an answer to everything. If you have an issue with something, talk to Mimecast or log a call. The Mimecast staff are super friendly and helpful. Mimecast even offers free training, so take advantage of that!


Also have a look at the Mimecaster Central community. If you are stuck with an issue, ask for help, as there will always be someone there to assist. Have a look at previous discussions, as you can learn a lot here.


Most helpful feature of Mimecast services?


I have two, the first one being Data Leak Prevention. This is so customizable that you can create rules for just about anything.


The second one would have to be the use ofMailbox Continuity in Mimecast Mobile. It’s nice to be able to receive and send emails, and even search the archive from my mobile device -- if there is an issue connecting to Exchange, I can just use the Mimecast apps. I use Mimecast Mobile just about every day.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


I am super competitive, so anything that involves winning something. I love playing Pool (Billiards), Squash, and a bit of gaming when I can.

Favorite movie?


This has got to be The Shawshank Redemption!

One thing someone here in the community wouldn’t know about you?


I can't stand onions!


>> Be sure to check out more Legends of Mimecast interviews in the series. 

The following blog is authored by Matthew GardinerMatthew is Director of Product Marketing at Mimecast, currently focused on email security, phishing, malware, and cloud security.


Just like there is no one way to catch a thief, there is no one way to catch malware. There are just so many ways to build, compile, pack, and otherwise obfuscate files to get past specific detection techniques. This is why the Mimecast email security service uses many analytic techniques, including multiple AV engines, file type blocks, static file analysis, and behavioral sandboxing, as well as multiple threat intelligence sources, to separate good files from malicious ones. And of course, users need their emails and good files without delay! You can read all about how we do this in our cloud security service in this technical paper.


In addition, there are multiple delivery vehicles for malware, which is why many security systems, whether they operate on email, the web, the network, in a cloud service, or on the endpoint, need sophisticated malware detection capabilities to be effective.


This brings me to our recently announced acquisition of the anti-malware specialist Solebit. If you are an existing customer of Mimecast and use Targeted Threat Protect (TTP) – Attachment Protect, you are benefiting from Solebit’s technology today! Approximately six months ago, we added Solebit’s static file analysis malware detection software to our email security inspection funnel in our global datacenters, and, as expected, saw a marked increase in performance and detection efficacy with average processing times in TTP Attachment Protect dropping from 44 to 23 seconds. A “two-for” benefit. Rarely does security performance and efficacy improve together, as they are typically in conflict with each other. But this is not true with Solebit.


Mimecast plans to further utilize this technology to differentiate in other product areas. Solebit helps differentiate Mimecast today via its efficacy (stops more advanced threats) and speed of detection (much faster than traditional methods – like sandboxing). Owning the company allows Mimecast to further innovate in the security detection area.  We believe this technology is critical to helping our customers become more cyber resilient.


With one purchase, we get access to dozens of security experts and open up a new development office in the security engineering hot spot of Herzliya, Israel in one transaction.


On the technology side, the purchase of Solebit provides Mimecast with even more malware detection capabilities as we enter into security spaces beyond Secure Email Gateways (notably, our recent public disclosure of our early adopter program and entry into the web security cloud services market). Given that both email and the web - often working together - are used to deliver and operate malware, such as ransomware and trojans, owning and continuing to develop key anti-malware technology will be key to the continued success of the Mimecast offerings, both current and future.


So now you know. With the acquisition of Solebit, Mimecast takes another major step toward delivering on our vision of providing a “super category” of cyber resilience solutions from a global, cloud-based service.

The following blog is by Peter Bauerthe CEO and co-founder of Mimecast, which he launched in 2003 along with co-founder and CTO Neil Murray.


I am excited to announce that last week, Mimecast acquired Ataata. Together we can dramatically improve employee cyber security awareness training globally. Ask any security professional today and they will respond that their traditional end user security awareness training is extremely difficult to get traction with internally. Creating the right security culture is hard and programs that are considered boring don’t make that any easier.


Ataata has a unique approach to getting employees engaged, fundamentally changing corporate culture, and ultimately, changing human behavior. This is critical as human error is involved in almost all breaches, making organizations without the right training much more vulnerable. Our Mimecast + Ataata video training content will help everybody understand how important human behavior is when it comes to protecting their business and how to make better decisions.


With training done right, employees can be security teams' greatest allies. According to research Mimecast conducted with Vanson Bourne, 90% of organizations have seen phishing attacks increase over the last year, but only 11% say they continuously train employees on how to spot cyberattacks. This is a major problem in the industry, which is why we are thrilled that together, Mimecast and Ataata will help organizations close this gap.


Ataata is fun. It’s a compelling content platform focused on addressing the human firewall in a unique way.


Why don’t you check out the videos for yourself?


You can learn more about how Ataata is joining the Mimecast family here.

As part of our commitment to recognizing and rewarding our most active and helpful community members in Mimecaster Central, we are happy to announce the addition of two new point levels as part of our gamification programScholar (30,000 points) and Royal (150,000 points)


Here's a preview of these new point levels (old on the left -> new on the right):



Just to give you some background on how far we've come with gamification, when we piloted our community nearly three years ago back in late 2015, our community did not have a single Jedi Master (15,000 points +).


I'll actually go a bit further: It really didn't have a voice.


Thanks to all of your continued support, building lasting relationships, helping your fellow peers, and even suggesting some new support hold music, YOU have given our community a voice.


In fact, we are now 7,000+ active per month in Mimecaster Central, and amongst that, five Jedi Masters. In other words, you can be confident that by coming to our community, you'll always have a helping hand nearby, whether it's a welcome from our community champions (Legends), or an answer from a newbie that's eager to jump into the mix. It's a far more vibrant place than it was just a few years back, thanks to you.


So from the bottom of our hearts on the community team, thank you for your continued leadership in, and support of, Mimecaster Central. Enjoy climbing our leaderboards . We've got plenty in store for the coming months, including our next AMA, so stay tuned!


Pro Tip

As always, you can see your missions earned, level status, and more in the Reputation tab of your community profile. 

Fallout: GDPR Edition

Posted by user.RZYHBOK9oJ Employee Mar 13, 2018

While the video game series by the same title is a nice diversion from reality for many of my friends and my brother-in-law (the guy will stay up into the wee hours of the morning playing this thing), the reality is that the "Fallout" that occurs from a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) violation won't be quite as pretty.


Without being preachy (there's plenty of resources on the damages that could occur for non-compliance with this EU-driven initiative), we're here to remind you to check out our The specified item was not found. group on Mimecaster Central, well ahead of the regulation's enforcement on May 25, 2018.


The group is stocked with resources on not only the regulation itself, but also how to configure Mimecast to help you meet your GDPR compliance objectives...and avoid the fallout.


Additionally, you'll be able to raise discussions with fellow Mimecasters and get all your questions answered from a staff of experts including our Chief Trust Officer at Mimecast, Marc French.


Join our Mimecaster Central GDPR group now.

What the heck is an AMA?: You may have seen these on such platforms as Reddit. Our AMA will give you an opportunity to speak with members of the Mimecast Product and Service Delivery teams, and have all your questions answered! We’ll do our best to answer all questions during the time allotted, and provide insight on product plans that have been finalized.  


When: For our third edition, this will be a multi-day discussion to give all community members an opportunity to participate. Ask your question in the dedicated discussion thread anytime between Feb. 12-14, as we'll be answering them throughout the duration of the event! 


Where: The Mimecaster Central Community Forums (a dedicated thread will be displayed at the top of the Forums for your convenience) (Customer login required to access our Forums)


Who: Director of Product Management Steven Malone will be leading the answers, along with other members of the Mimecast team


See you Feb. 12-14 in Mimecaster Central for our next Ask Mimecast Anything! Look out for an email reminder the week of the event.

Jason Wright is a Junior IT Administrator at H&M Bay Inc., a refrigerated logistics provider specializing in fresh and frozen commodities transported throughout the US (i.e. seafood from the northeast and northwest, produce from the south, and even gator skins!). You may also know him as one of our oldest community members and Mimecast Legend!


Prior to getting into IT, Jason was in the automotive industry where he did a little bit of everything, from tech helper in high school, to lead technician at an independent shop, to general manager of his own auto parts store.


Jason lives on Maryland’s “Eastern Shore," and was born in Baltimore. 


Could you describe your role in your company, and how Mimecast helps you with your daily work?


My role is first the helpdesk admin. I handle just about all incoming calls ranging from application issues to hardware problems. Besides managing the helpdesk, I also manage our on-premise Exchange environment, Mimecast (of course!), our Cisco wireless equipment, enterprise AV solution, and other things including computer reloads and hardware upgrades.


I have been with H&M Bay since August 2014 when I got my start in the IT industry, and have no plans on going anywhere else!


Best piece of advice/helpful pointers for one of your peers just starting off?


Take the Mimecast training, especially if you are new to Mimecast. It will allow you to get your feet on the ground and learn where to look for certain features.


After you are comfortable, join the community of course, and do the 10 Steps to Get Started with Mimecaster Central. I remember joining Mimecaster Central back in 2016. Originally, I came here looking to network and share ideas and learn some new information. From the beginning, I can say I have learned a lot from this community and its great network of individuals here.


Favorite feature of Mimecast products you couldn’t live without, or that’s been a lifesaver for you and your organization?


This is a two‐part answer! For my users and some admins, it is the Archive. I cannot tell you how many sighs of relief we hear when someone is able to find an email from a customer or shipper that helps to save the day.


However, for me personally, I love Targeted Threat Protection (TTP): Attachment Protect. Sandboxing is a great feature and we have many instances where users say “I NEED THIS ATTACHMENT.” Being able to show proof of the malicious intentions of an attachment to the users is great, but it also helps these users to share that information with the customers who may have been compromised. So essentially, to an extent, we get to save ourselves and customers. 


Favorite movie?


Hard to say. My favorite series, being a car person, is Gone in 60 Seconds (I mean, come on -- that Mustang is nice) followed closely by Law Abiding Citizen. This one is a little bit darker, but it really makes you think.




I love cooking and I get many recipes from Gordon Ramsey (we both speak in similar styles ). Anything with zucchini and I will eat it.




That is a hard one. I honestly listen to so many different types of music. If I had to choose, I would have to say Linkin Park. I'm a bit of a fanboy, having seen them live over eight times in three different states. Other than that, I listen to a lot of harder rock and like to be in mosh pits and at festivals like Rock on the Range and Mayhem Festival.




Right now, it is the MSCA for Server 2016 books for the certification I am studying for. I know...not exciting. I can't remember the last time I was able to read something out of fun that was not tech-related. Really want to read the Lord of the Rings series, though.


What keeps you busy off the clock?


A lot! It depends on the season. I am a huge baseball fan, so you have probably seen Ryan Arsenault and I go at it about the AL East at some point (go O’s!). So early spring / all of summer is baseball. I really want to start traveling to different stadiums, but college is holding me back from that currently.


In the fall/winter, when I am not an O’s or Ravens fan, I love to get into the outdoors and go hunting, especially waterfowl sport, one thing that the Maryland “Eastern Shore” is famous for.


Other than all of this, college keeps me busy. This is my second time in (first was for automotive). I recently got my AA and am working towards my Bachelors in Cyber Security, so I am definitely busy.


One thing someone here in the community wouldn’t know about you?


I am completely envious of everyone’s use of footnotes and I still need help with it!


>> Be sure to check out more Legends of Mimecast interviews in the series. 

After a trip through memory lane with Mimecaster Central in 2017, we thought it would be nice for another retrospective blog...about blogs.


No, this isn't an Inception moment: We'd like to serve you up in one convenient package the top 10 most popular blogs from withinThe Mimecaster Central Blog in 2017, ranked in order of page views.


A special shout-out goes out to our customer, and Mimecaster Central champion and Legend David Ignash who's Top 10 List for New Mimecasters was the most viewed blog created in 2017, and was a hit with both Mimecast customers and employees alike!


Without further ado, here's the list:


  1. Top 10 List for New Mimecasters 
  2. Changing Careers: Mimecast as my Catalyst 
  3. Eight Years Without Net Neutrality: The View from 2024 
  4. GDPR Management for Email: New Resources   
  5. Be Prepared: Download the Mimecast Continuity Planning Manual  
  6.  Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with CEO Peter Bauer 
  7. Mimecast 101: Troubleshooting Authentication Issues [Video] 
  8. Join Us for our First AMA (Ask Mimecast Anything) 
  9. Announcing: Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 
  10. Legends of Mimecast: A Q&A with Johan Dreyer 

Ryan Arsenault is the Community Manager for Mimecaster Central.


Mimecasters across the globe: It's no small feat what you, our beloved customers, accomplished in Mimecaster Central in 2017, a banner year for our community. 


Before we get into all of the individual accomplishments and milestones achieved, let's take a high-level overview by the numbers at where we stand as a community today, since our humble beta launch on October 6, 2015:


  • 30,000+ members signed up for a Mimecaster Central account
  • Approximately 1,000 product ideas shared viaShare Ideas 
  • 1,900+ discussions 
  • 1,000+ articles in our Knowledge Base
  • 1,515 questions (1,495 of these with responses!)
  • 1,535+ events marked as helpful
  • Nearly 450,000 views of Answered Questions in 2017, up from 325,000 in 2016!


Here are some additional stats pulled from the depths of our Mimecaster Central data:


Top 5 Knowledge Base Articles (in order of page views)


1) Mimecast SMTP Error Codes 

2) The Digest Email 

3) Mimecast for Outlook Overview 

4) Secure Messaging: Troubleshooting Log On Issues 

5) Authenticating Mimecast for Outlook 


(What's especially notable here is that we have had several instances, where comments on Knowledge Base articles like these and community discussions have led to the documentation being improved, sometimes substantially. We thank our community for all of this constructive feedback throughout 2017!)


Top 5 Search Terms in 2017 (in order of search inquiries)


1) Secure Messaging

2) Large File Send

3) Content Examination

4) Mimecast for Outlook

5) SPF


Top 10 in the 2017 Mimecaster Central Points Leaderboards 


  1. Benjamin Scott-Warwick
  2. Bill Holmberg
  3. Les Bessant
  4. David Ignash
  5. Jeremiah McBride
  6. Neil Gebhardt
  7. Onyi Ejiasa
  8. Alan Morris Admin Account
  9. Smith, Wayne
  10. Jason Cramsey


Most Popular Product Idea in 2017


This distinction goes to Joel Olivio's Apply URL protect within Attachments idea, which garnered a score of a whopping 1175 from upvotes within Mimecaster Central. The idea was implemented into our URL Protect service this year!


Noisiest/Most Polarizing Product Idea in 2017


Amazingly enough, the product idea of 2017 that generated a flurry of comments and very heated discussion had little to do with Mimecast products at all.


Adam Fasl's Update the Mimecast Support Hold Music thread generated 63 comments on what should be playing in the background while waiting on the phone for our Support team. Ideas ranged from Jazz all the way to 80's "Hair" bands (I personally think Metal should have still won out...)


Most Popular Mimecaster Central Discussion in 2017


Started at the very tail end of 2016 and picking up a lot more steam as 2017 chugged along, Deleted User's The specified item was not found. generated nearly 7500 views and 48 comments, giving it top honors for collective popularity within our Community Forums.


There actually could not be a better textbook use case of community, either, as our customers came together in this thread in droves to share their own custom regex entries.


Launching our User Research Panel


Moving on from hard statistics to programs within the community, Mimecaster Central saw the launch of our User Research Panel, where our UX Research team, led by Lisa Rex and Sophie Rochette, set out to work with Mimecaster Central community members on their feedback to help shape Mimecast products, and to give them a sneak peek at what's ahead!


We thank everyone that provided their engaged feedback on designs of Mimecast Connect Application v2The Administration Console, a brand-new search experience in Mimecast end-user apps, and for their participation in Targeted Threat Protection research sessions!


While 2017 may be the first year of our User Research Panel, in the year ahead, you can expect many more research sessions with the goal of bettering our products and ensuring they work well for the people who use them.


Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You


This year we kicked off a Q&A series that got to know the faces behind the community, both from Mimecast and within our customer base: Legends of Mimecast


...and Speaking of Legends...


This core group of super-engaged Mimecaster Central champions, Mimecast Legends, saw eight new members join its ranks within 2017 (beyond our awesome technical moderator from the Mimecast side in Corey Monteiro, chances are, you've probably seen the "L" icon pop up a lot on many of the answers to your questions). 


A community is only as good as its members, and this group of Legends is one of the biggest reasons Mimecaster Central is such a vibrant and active place for our customers! A big thank you to all of our Legends that helped out fellow community members throughout the year, and participated in exclusive calls with our Product Management team to help improve our products.


A Focus on Improving the "Newbie" Experience


After much feedback from our customers on enhancing the onboarding experience, one of these Legends in David Ignash put together a Top 10 List for New Mimecasters...and it has been a tremendous hit, to the tune of nearly 6,000 customer views in only half of the year!


A cousin to this list, we launched 10 Steps for Success with Mimecaster Central as part of the welcome package to help new customers get acclimated with the most important and useful functionality within the community.


Looking to 2018...and Beyond


All of this, of course, was a mere glimpse into what happened in 2017 at Mimecast, since this was all from the lens of community. After all, you may recall the launch of products from Sync & Recover Overview to Targeted Threat Protection: Internal Email Protect throughout the year.


But from a pure community perspective, there's even more to come in 2018. So what exactly is next, you say? Put simply, it's the next generation of Mimecaster Central: We look to the future of the community as we totally reimagine the structure, layout, and content within our ecosystem later on in the year. And the wheels have already been turning here with wonderful feedback from our Legends on what they'd like to see next.


Beyond this future vision, you'll see a continued dedication to Legendary Customer Success and even more of the useful content from Knowledge Base, the Forums, Blog, and Service Updates you've come to expect (oh, and not to mention some swag and other goodies thrown in there, because we know you love it).


Here's to a great 2017 and onto the next chapter of Mimecast's customer community! Whether you asked a question, viewed a Knowledge Base article, or shared a product idea, on behalf of the entire Community team, thanks to everyone who made this our best and most active year yet.

If you haven't heard, as part of Mimecast's Early Access Program, we are happy to announce the availability of our brand new search experience.


A huge thank you goes out to all of our customers and Legends that provided extensive feedback on this experience...this is the fruit of your dedication to bettering our products and all your hard work!


Learn how to get access to the new Mimecast Personal Portal search experience -- and to see what's new in this update -- in this latest Service Update (log-in required)


Additionally, once you have tried it out, let us know what you think in the corresponding Forums discussion.

Ryan Arsenault is the Community Manager of Mimecaster Central.


I was working from the comfort of home yesterday typing an email to my colleague from my dining room when I heard my wife's voice in the other room:


"What? Ryan is here with me. Are you talking about Sean?....No, Ryan is here in the dining room, and he's been here all day. What are you talking about?" 


By the way, Sean is my brother. My ears perked up. Who was this calling my wife, and what in heavens is going on in there? All sorts of thoughts started racing around in my always-racing mind.


In turns out that it was my grandfather calling my wife, informing her that Ryan had been in a bad car accident, his face was all banged up, and that he had caused it....putting a pregnant woman in the hospital. He was in jail, and my grandfather needed to send $2500 to bail him out. 


When my wife mentioned that no, none of this is true at all, and that Ryan hadn't left the house all day, it was my mother who was in the background of the call on speakerphone who put two and two together and proclaimed, "You got scammed!" This response, too, was somewhat in relief after literally crying all afternoon regarding the fact that I had nearly murdered someone in my car. 


The saddest part of this story for me was that he actually went down to the Walmart in my hometown and wired the "bail money," all $2500 of it, to this criminal party. 


I ended up calling my grandfather back later on, asking all sorts of questions: Why didn't you call Sheryl first? Why did all of this time elapse before you called anyone? Why did you wire money to someone you didn't know!? I was sitting at home all day literally sipping my Starbucks at the dining room table, doing work, while all this was happening!!!!


The point of this story is not to make my grandfather feel bad. In fact, I felt absolutely horrific for a large chunk of yesterday knowing that my 81-year-old grandfather not only was upset for a period of time, but had lost out on $2500 of money he simply did not have (that he thankfully got back - they hadn't picked it up yet!). These questions came from a place of not wanting this to happen to him ever again.


I point this story out, and the questions I asked my grandfather, to highlight the fact that anyone in your organization can be an easy target. 


Technology is obviously a big part of the equation, and being the unbiased () guy I am, I think you've made a fine choice with Mimecast. But wrap into your organization's security strategy a well-rounded education program that's consistent and regular. This is all too real, as this actually happened to me and my family yesterday afternoon. Educate your users...the first and last line of defense against your organization, and stress the importance of red flags. If it seems suspicious, it probably is.


And give your grandparents or parents a hug or a phone call to tell them to be extra vigilant, tonight, too. 

In addition to the latest updates on Mimecast products and services, by following the Service Updates section of Mimecaster Central, you'll now always be up to date anytime our Knowledge Base documentation is refreshed.


The Mimecast Education team has recently added Knowledge Base Updates to its roster of educational materials for Legendary Customer Success in Mimecaster Central. 


Check out the most recent editions of Knowledge Base updates below, and be sure to follow Service Updates for more:


Knowledge Base Updates: 13 October 2017 

Knowledge Base Updates: 29 September 2017