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With the first month of 2017 not yet even finished, our own security strategist Matthew Gardiner recently put together his list of consider as your own in your organization:


  1. If you can't do it, outsource it.
  2. Plan for an incident response now, well before you need to use it. 
  3. Make employee security awareness training an everyday affair and not a once a year, video watching boredom fest
  4. Evaluate your critical business processes and make sure that they are not completely vulnerable to ha
    cked IT systems or the impersonation of executives or critical partners
  5. Leverage the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls as a key security framework to benchmark your organization for 2017 and beyond. 


You can check out the full, expanded commentary on these five resolutions on his blog over at


And speaking of resolutions, be sure to enter our 2017 IT-related New Year's Resolutions contest -- we've extended the deadline for folks trickling back into the office from the holidays, to Feb. 3!