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Joseph Tibbetts is the Program Director of Mimecast’s API Developer Platform. Although new to Mimecast, he’s been managing digital transformation initiatives for close to 20 years and is excited to collaborate with all Mimecasters! 


If you’ve been around Mimecaster Central lately, you may already be familiar with some of our integrations with Mimecast, from Mimecast for Splunk to Mimecast for Salesforce.


We’re pleased to formally announce the launch of our new Application Programming Interface (API) Developer Portal, to make it easy to get started with the tools, documentation, sample code and support needed to take advantage of the Mimecast API...and integrate with existing applications.


With the Mimecast API, you can:


  • Access enhanced logging to programmatically download gateway and security log file data, track email messages, and interact with security policies
  • Rapidly search the Mimecast archive and access content. Query individual mailboxes or all mailboxes in the organization using role based administrator permissions.
  • Automate common configuration tasks such as user and group management, adding new internal email domains, updating block lists and more
  • As a Mimecast registered Managed Service Provider and Partner, automate customer account provisioning and streamline ongoing customer account management
  • Architect customized solutions that fit into existing business process and applications


There are already over 50 integrations built into a variety of solutions including security information and event management (SIEM), security orchestration and automation, advanced eDiscovery and provisioning applications.

We also encourage all of you who want to unlock the power of Mimecast in new ways to share your own integration ideas now here in the community.


Ready to get started? Learn more about the API program, browse existing integrations, and request an application key now.