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Rob Otoka is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Transformation and Innovation Team. Upon joining Mimecast in June 2012, Rob worked with customers to implement Mimecast’s products and services. In 2014, a new role brought his expertise to the ongoing management of the Customer Experience Measurement Program and Legendary Customer Success™ initiatives including the rollout of Mimecaster Central.


Winters in coastal New England consist of ever-changing winds, icy precipitation, and cold temperatures. But this is all expected when you live here.


As Winter approached this year, I found myself with a new conundrum – covering the family trampoline I was “convinced” to buy in July. However, the 11-year-old swing set needed to be replaced, and, minus the trampoline’s weight limit, the entire family can enjoy it, except me (yes, keeping the weight in check is part of each New Year's set of resolutions!). With exercise and entertainment wrapped in one, the trampoline was in great use until Winter’s chill descended. 


Back to that trampoline cover…


With the daylight growing shorter, I embarked on a quest to cover the trampoline with great fervor. Existing tarps and a labyrinth of bungee cords, slates, bricks, and wood became my allies. Soon enough, the below masterpiece was created.



We’ll get back to that “masterpiece” in a bit…


At Mimecast, constructing Legendary Customer Success™ is our aim. Like the coastal winds, the email security landscape is ever-changing, and threats in all forms are on the rise -- but we know that Mimecast will be ready to meet them. The ongoing feedback you provide within our Customer Experience Measurement Program is pivotal to help weather these changes, and we thank you for that.  


As your Mimecast customer journey moves from initial implementation to deploying our desktop and mobile technologies, the value of your feedback continues to grow. The Share Ideas space here in Mimecaster Central was created with you in mind to brainstorm with the Mimecast Product Management Team. In fact, the genesis of several product enhancements, new product ideas, and the creation of the Connect Application were a result of customer interaction with our Product Management Team.


Mark Basler, Mimecast’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, summed up his view of the Share Ideas space and how Mimecasters like you can best use it: “It is a great way for customers to collaborate with our Product Management Team. Customers can openly submit their product ideas as well as comment and 'vote up' ideas from their peers. A key component to our product roadmap is Voice Of the Customer feedback, and this space is ideal for gathering that information.  The left area of this space also presents a quick view of ideas in progress, delivered, and under consideration. We welcome you to contribute, and appreciate all input thus far to help meet our commitment to Legendary Customer Success™.”


Back to that trampoline “cover." Once again, the ever-changing coastal winds have wrought havoc:  



It's time to try a new idea: Maybe add a new brick or slate. Better yet, this time I will share my idea first with family or a neighbor to get their input, and to help prepare for the ever-changing coastal winds.  


We look forward to your continued contributions in the Share Ideas space and throughout the community. Keep innovating! Cheers! 


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Rob Otoka is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Transformation and Innovation Team at Mimecast. Since joining in June 2012, he has worked on Legendary Customer Success™ initiatives including the Customer Experience Measurement Program and rollout of Mimecaster Central.


While in London recently, our Customer Operations Leadership Team had the opportunity to meet with insurance underwriter Markerstudy, one of our UK customers.


We’d like to thank the Markerstudy Team for their feedback on our Legendary Customer Success™ efforts, current and planned. We look forward to reaching new heights with great customer collaboration programs!


Rob Otoka is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Transformation and Innovation Team at Mimecast. Since joining in June 2012, he has worked on Legendary Customer Success™ initiatives including the Customer Experience Measurement Program and rollout of Mimecaster Central.


The creation of Mimecaster Central is an example of the power of your feedback. The community was designed with you in mind as a hub to provide feedback and ideas, gain support from peers, and stay up-to-date with the latest product information. 
To help us improve your experience, we’ve created a short survey on Mimecaster Central and would love your input. The survey will take no longer than 5 minutes.


As a thank you for your time and commitment to improving the community for your peers, you'll be awarded 100 points upon completion, that can be traded in toward cool Mimecaster Central rewards including apparel, mugs, pens and more!


Take the survey now.


Mimecast understands that its commitment to customer experience measurement is essential to our valued customers and our own success. We look forward to your feedback!


For more information on our Points and Rewards programMimecaster Central: How Points/Rewards Work

Rob Otoka is a Senior Program Manager in the Customer Transformation and Innovation Team at Mimecast. Since joining in June 2012, he has worked on Legendary Customer Success™ initiatives including the Customer Experience Measurement Program and rollout of Mimecaster Central.


One of the things we take for granted in today's world is the pace of change. It seems that every few days, weeks, or months, a new app, phone, or movie remake is upon us. We accept these changes and adapt, hoping that a better experience will be the end result.


As I sit here now, I can only imagine what awaits me when my focus returns to daily life: a new email, a child asking for a ride somewhere, the antiquated phone call? Regardless, a response will be needed. Things must continue or consequences occur -- sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually unavoidable. Similarly, change is unavoidable, and the response to it often dictates success or failure.


Rewind now back to a simpler time: It's the 1940s...your Aunt Tessy (short for Theresa) arrives early for the family dinner and asks you to partake in a secret involving your two favorite things: Maple Walnut Ice Cream and George's Soda Shop. In confidence, she hands you 15 cents USD, and the shiny coins glisten in the sunlight. Oh yeah, the sunlight! You almost forget it's 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and the ice cream shop is a five-minute jog. The family doesn't own a car, and refrigeration and coolers as we know them today don't exist.


Back to that ice cream: For 15 cents, George's Soda Shop will provide 15 scoops of the Maple Walnut Ice Cream, but you need to bring your own bowl. They cover the ice cream with wax paper to help, but it's up to you to make it back home before you have soup, or at best, an ice cream milkshake. To prepare for tonight's dinner, you know a fresh block of ice for the icebox was delivered by the ice man earlier in the morning. 


Isn't it funny how history repeats itself? Just like today's world, the bygone era of yesteryear had conundrums and challenges of all sorts.  


At Mimecast, we are not immune to changing global conditions that impact our business. We know our customers' challenges are our challenges as well, and by measuring their Mimecast experience, we can identify where we need to improve.


In 2014, to help design and execute a successful customer experience measurement program, Mimecast adopted Forrester® Research’s Customer Experience Index (CXi) framework. This framework is discussed in the book Outside In by Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, and presents how leading companies put customers at the center of their business. Customer Experience Journey Mapping (CEJM) teams at Mimecast were created to map out broad customer journeys (for example, Becoming a Mimecast Customer and Using Mimecast Products and Services). A set of customer personas were agreed upon and the high-level journeys mapped. 


To measure customer experience within each journey, we use short surveys. Responses are used to produce individual journey as well as aggregate CXi scores. We also ask customers how likely they would be to recommend Mimecast (as measured by providing a Net Promoter Score (NPS)). In addition, mood surveys are triggered when “transaction”-type experiences are completed. Holistically, three types of metrics are considered in Mimecast’s data collection strategy of which CXi and NPS measurement play a part:


  • Perception Metrics – A customer’s subjective perceptions of interactions (for example, CXi score measuring “How well did an experience meet your needs?”)
  • Descriptive Metrics – Events that are likely to affect customer perceptions (for example, call center transactions)
  • Outcome Metrics – What customers are likely to do or actually did after their interaction (for example, likelihood to recommend Mimecast as measured by NPS)


It is important that Mimecast shares the results of our CX measurement program across the wider business. On a monthly basis, detailed CXi and NPS scores are provided to Mimecast business stakeholders and aggregate scores are reported to all staff. The Mimecast teams responsible are engaged and focused on improving our customers’ Mimecast experience – we know these efforts will raise our CXi and NPS scores over the long-run.


It's inspiring to work for a company dedicated to creating Legendary Customer Success™. Most of all, it's humbling that your feedback helps us adapt to change to better meet your needs and further improve our partnership in this journey.


So...back to the 1940s. What happened to that Maple Walnut Ice Cream? A young boy adapts, and balances the changing weight of the ice cream bowl, scurrying across the empty, arid sports fields to his neighborhood. The wax paper protects the sweet valuable cargo as his shoes kick up dust.


Fast forward to after the family dinner that night.   


Aunt Tessy smiles and looks at her confidant, the young boy: "Excuse me, everyone,” she says. Generations young and old around the table go silent. “John has a special treat for everyone."   


And with a smile bathed in secretive anticipation, John, the young boy (my Father), says to all: "Maple Walnut Ice Cream!" A collective gasp of elation fills the room. 


Running with a bowl of ice cream in the hot summer sun never tasted so sweet. I miss your stories, Dad! 


And for all readers, look for more stories about the Mimecast future (and past!) you are helping to create…