Mimecast for Outlook: Managing Your On Hold Queues

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Images are not automatically displayed for held messages. End users must choose to download these for each message, after considering the security risk of doing so.

This guide describes how to manage the On Hold Queues in Mimecast for Outlook. These hold messages placed there as a result of defined security policies defined by your administrator. They are designed to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your Inbox. These could be messages:

  • Considered as spam.
  • Containing attachments.
  • Failing Content Examination policies.


On Hold Queues


There are two On Hold queues. Both allow you to view the held message, and decide whether to release or reject them. 

  • Personal On Hold Viewer: Available to end users, and displays all a user's held messages.
  • Moderated On Hold Viewer: Available to administrators or designated overseer.
    • If used by an administrator, it displays the held messages for all users.
    • If used by a designated overseer (e.g. a Personal Assistant responsible for a Director's email), it displays their held messages.


Messages not released or rejected from the hold queue after 14 days, are automatically removed. You can still retrieve messages from the archive after 14 days, if this is configured by your administrator.

You can block or permit users / domains prior to rejecting or releasing messages. If reporting a message as spam, the message is not released from the On Hold Queue. View the Blocking Senders and Reporting Spam page for further information.

To use the On Hold Viewer:

  1. Click on the On Hold Messages tab in the Mimecast for Outlook client.
    If the Mimecast for Outlook client isn't open, click on the Mimecast tab and click on the arrow to the right of the On Hold Messages icon in the Email Gateway section. A drop down menu is displayed.
    On Hold Messages Icon
  2. Click either the:
    • Personal On Hold menu item to display the Personal On Hold viewer.
    • Moderated On Hold menu item to display the Moderated On Hold viewer.
      Clicking on the On Hold Messages icon goes directly to the Personal On Hold viewer.
  3. Select one or more messages.
  4. Either click the:
    • Reject icon. A popup menu is displayed with the rejection options listed above.
    • Release icon. A popup menu is displayed with the release options listed above.
    • Print icon (Moderated On Hold view only - v7.1 and after).
    • Forward icon (Moderated On Hold view only - v7.1 and after).
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