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Mimecast's Stationery module allows administrators to centralize and control the application of email branding and legal disclaimers to emails generated by internal users. By applying stationery and disclaimers through a policy, the organization can ensure:

  • Standardization of corporate Identity, by applying only approved images, colors, and company messages.
  • Legal protection as users cannot remove or modify the legal disclaimer that will protect the company in a legally enforced relationship.
  • Accurate targeting of marketing messages, through flexible policy management.
  • Tracking through powerful reporting and analytics, for the identification of interest points and proactive marketing techniques.
  • Use of Micro Sites hosted in Mimecast.
Stationery is mainly used for outbound communications, and is not applied to internal emails.

How is Stationery Applied?


The following steps are useful when planning to use stationery for your company’s emails.


  1. Create a brief: This is the best way to prepare to create and apply stationery, as it forces you to think about the positioning of the components, as well as the effects that the components should have.
  2. Upload Images: If images are to form part of the stationery, these must be uploaded to Mimecast.
  3. Create a Stationery Layout: This defines where each stationery component is placed, and how the user interacts with them. Typically two layouts are needed. One for the HTML email readers and one for text based email readers. The HTML version can be created using one of the different installed templates.
  4. Create a Stationery Policy: This applies the stationery for specific email users.
  5. Test the Stationery: Send a test email to an external recipient to ensure the success of the stationery layout. This is potentially the most important step in the entire process, as it allows the administrator to test and validate the stationery layout components, and to preview the end result for an external recipient.


Stationery Menu Items


The stationery module comprises of several menu items. These are available from the Services | Stationery menu item in the Administration Console, provided your Mimecast logon has the required permissions. See the Understanding Administrator Roles page for further details. The menu items are described below:


Menu ItemDescription
ActionsCaptures data and redirects users that click on HTML components.
BrandingApplies custom branding to the Mimecast Personal Portal.
ImagesA store of images that can be used in stationery HTML.
LayoutsContains Stationery items made up of multiple HTML and Plain Text components.
Micro SitesSmall, public web sites can be designed and uploaded to create landing pages.
ReportsCustomizable Report for Stationery items and components.
PerformanceAn overall summary of Stationery items and components.
TemplatesUploaded customized HTML templates.


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