Stationery Layout Click Actions

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A click action takes effect when an email recipient clicks on a component in a stationery layout to which an action has been assigned. The action acts as an engine to process the click.


From an organization's perspective, valuable statistical data can be collected on the clickable components of a stationery layout. This allows you to measure the success of the item, and update it to improve its effectiveness. Additionally, the email address of the user can also be collected and exported to a spreadsheet and used for other promotions.


From a user’s perspective, clicking on an email message containing a stationery layout can be used to redirect them to a:

Some click action examples are clicking on a:

  • Company logo which takes the user to the company website. The user's email address is recorded in a group titled 'Mailing List', from where it can be exported and used in future marketing campaigns.
  • Subscribe link which takes the user to a stationery Micro Site. This confirms their subscription status, and adds their email address to the 'Newsletter Subscription' Group.


To use a click action, the following steps must be configured:


  1. A click action must be created.
  2. The click action must be assigned to a stationery layout component.


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