Creating a Stationery Layout Click Action

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In order to use a click action, the following resources must be present:

  • If a redirect is being used, the full URL must be available.
  • If a Micro Site is being used, it must be added in Mimecast.
  • If the user's email address is to be captured, a placeholder group must be present to which the click action is directed.


Creating a Click Action


To create a click action:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Stationery | Actions menu item.
  4. Select a folder into which the click action will be placed. You can do this by either:
    • Selecting a folder in the left hand panel.
    • Creating a new folder by right clicking a folder and selecting the Create New Folder menu item.
  5. Select the New Click Action button:
  6. Complete the dialog as follows:

    Field NameDescription
    DescriptionProvide a unique name for the click action that describes what it is being used for.
    Log Click ActivitiesSelect this option to collect statistical information on the click activities generated by this action.
    Log Unique Clicks Only

    With this option selected, a user's email address is only captured once regardless of how many times they click on a component (i.e. the reach). To measure the success of a clickable component (i.e. the Response) this option can remain unselected. In this scenario Mimecast collects the email address of every click activity, regardless of whether or not the user has previously clicked on the component.

    Click Destination Type

    Specify the destination that the user is redirected to. The following options are available:

    Click Re-Direction Not SetNo redirect is set. This is useful where you want the user's email address to be recorded, but for user to remain inside the email.
    Re-Direct to Internet URLRedirects the user to a website. When this option is selected, a text entry field is displayed into which the website's full URL can be entered (e.g.
    Re-direct to Micro SiteRedirects the user to an Micro Site. When this option is selected, a lookup arrow is displayed to the right of the field. Click this to select the required Micro Site.
    Profile Group Settings

    Specify a folder to record the email addresses of users that click on a component. The click action can be used to:

    • Add the email address to a group.
    • Remove the email address from a group (e.g. "unsubscribe").
    • Add the email address to one group, and remove it from another.

    Click the lookup arrow to the right of the field to select a group.

    If a folder is not specified, the email addresses are not recorded, but the redirect still takes place.

    Profile Attribute SettingsChanges the property of a user's email address when they click on a component. For example, an attribute can be created for 'Location - UK'. When the user clicks on the component, the attribute value is set to "True".

  7. Select the Save and Exit button to save the Action.


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