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Micro Sites are essentially temporary websites with limited content. They are typically used for confirmation purposes during a marketing campaign. For example, a landing page launched from a stationery click image with campaign specific marketing information and perhaps user registration.


Mimecast allows you create and manage Microsites through the Stationery Module.


What are the benefits of Micro Sites?


Micro Sites have many benefits. These include:

  1. They maintain continuity with the branding in email Stationery. For example:
    • An image can be included to promote a new product launch with the Micro Site containing additional information about the product.
    • The Stationery can be configured with a newsletter Subscribe or Unsubscribe link, with the Micro Site used to confirm the option the user clicked.
  2. As each Micro Site is hosted in Mimecast, no special access or FTP details are needed to publish it.
  3. Micro Sites are managed and maintained by the Administrator. This reduces the need to create Micro Sites as part of the main company website.


What can be added to a Micro Site?


Micro Sites can consist of HTML and / or image files, thereby allowing Administrators to create the site in HTML or as a single image.


  • If created in HTML, the file must have a .HTM or .HTML file format.
  • If created as an image, any common image file format can be used. This includes .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, and .TIFF.


These elements can be used either independently or simultaneously, as images display above the HTML.

If HTML is used, only pure HTML is allowed. No executable scripts (e.g. JavaScript and VBScript) are allowed.



Uploading a Micro Site


To upload a Micro Site:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console.
  2. Click on the Administration toolbar button. A menu drop down is displayed.
  3. Click on the Stationery | Micro Sites menu item.
  4. Select the New Micro Site button. The Micro Site Administration page is displayed.
  5. Complete the page as required:




    Enter a comprehensive description for the Micro Site. For example, "Newsletter Subscription Confirmation page".

    Page Title

    This text is displayed in the Title Bar of the web browser, and should be appropriately configured. For example, "Thank you for Subscribing!"

    Background Color

    Specify a background color, the default being white. To specify a color, select the color displayed and either:

    • Type a color name (e.g. Red, White, Blue, Green).
    • Enter a color’s HTML (Hex) code (e.g. #FF0000, #FFFFFF).
    • Select a color from the left hand color grid.

    Use the right hand grids to select the required color.

    Site URL

    The URL of the website is automatically generated and cannot be altered. As the Micro Site is hosted on the Mimecast service, the URL can be referenced in other online collateral.

    Image Alternate Text

    If an image is uploaded, specify the text displayed when a user hovers over the image.

    Clickthrough URL

    Specify the URL the user is redirected to if they click on the image. The full URL must be entered. For example,

    Upload Site Image

    Select the Choose File button to specify the image to be used in the Micro Site. Once selected, the file name is displayed.

    Image Information

    Displays information of the uploaded image, including its location and size. This information will not be populated until the Micro Site has been uploaded.

    Upload Site HTML

    Select the Choose File button to specify the pre-configured HTML file to be used in the Micro Site. Once selected, the file name is displayed.

    HTML Information

    Displays information of the uploaded HTML page, including its location and size. This information will not be populated until the Micro Site has been uploaded.

  6. Select the Save button to complete uploading the Micro Site.

Once the Micro Site record has been saved, the Site Preview section at the bottom of the page displays a preview of the Micro Site.


Learn More


To utilize the Micro Site in a Stationery Layout, view the article on Configuring Stationery HTML Components.