Stationery FAQs: The wrong (or no) Stationery is being applied

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The incorrect Stationery Layout is applying to emails, or no Stationery is applied to emails at all.




The most common cause of Stationery not applying to emails correctly, is due to the Stationery Assignment Policy. It is important to ensure that the Policy is set correctly. For more information on Stationery Assignment Policies, view the full article. The possible resolution steps are listed below.




  1. Check that the correct Stationery Layout has been selected in the Policy Options section of the Policy.
  2. Check that the Stationery is set to apply to the correct email flow. This is achieved by validating the entries in the For Emails From and For Emails To sections of the Policy.
  3. In the For Emails From section of the Policy, ensure that the Addresses Based On is set to either the Message From Address (Header) or the Return Address (Envelope). This setting depends on the aliases configured for the internal domain sending address.
  4. Check the Policy Validity section to ensure the Policy is set as Active (i.e. the start date of the Policy is the current date, or a date in the past).
  5. Compare this Assignment Policy against the other currently active Assignment Policies. A Policy Override may cause another Policy to take preference over this Policy. Also if there are multiple Assignment Policies with the same mail flow (FROM and TO addresses), Mimecast will randomly apply the Stationery Layout from those Policies.


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