Stationery FAQs: Layout components are not displayed correctly

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One of the components of the Stationery is not displaying correctly, or does not behave as expected.


The Stationery Layout can include additional components besides the HTML and Plain Text. These include Images, Actions, Micro Sites and Clickable links. If these are not configured appropriately, the end behaviour may not be as expected.


  • The Image does not display correctly, is distorted, or there is quality degradation: Mimecast only displays the image that is uploaded to the Image Library, in the state that it is uploaded. This means that the image quality and size is configured by the creator of the image, not by Mimecast. Mimecast recommends a resolution of 72 dpi for images to display correctly.
  • The Image displays in the wrong location, or is not placed correctly: The control of the image placement is solely based on the HTML code. Using HTML tables usually helps to correct image placement problems, but HTML interpreters (such as email clients and web browsers) may not interpret the HTML correctly when the email is viewed by the recipient
  • A Clickable component (image or text) does not behave correctly: If an Action is assigned, but the re-direct option does not function as expected, or the collection of the email address is not successful, there can only be two possible reasons: Firstly, the incorrect Action has been assigned to the clickable component (another Action has been selected in error), or the Action itself has not been configured correctly.