Installing Mimecast for Mac

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This article describes how to install Mimecast for mac.


Applies to:

  • Administrators of Mimecast for Mac
  • End users of Mimecast for Mac


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Standalone installation

  1. Download and launch the Mimecast for Mac DMG file.
    • You will need local admin rights to perform this task.
    • Updates to the application will also require you to have local admin rights.
  2. Complete the required steps in the installation wizard, and then proceed to configure your account as detailed below.
  3. This only applies to Outlook 2011 and Mimecast for Mac v2.1 and below. Licensing changes prevent Mimecast from providing this technology in later releases.

    Upon first launch Mimecast for Mac will prompt to install the Mimecast integration for Microsoft Outlook 2011. This provides search integration allowing you to:
    1. Quickly launch Mimecast for Mac from within Outlook 2011.
    2. Expand an Outlook 2011 search to Mimecast for Mac with one click.
  4. Click Install to integrate Mimecast for Mac with Microsoft Outlook 2011.
  5. Complete your email address and click the Next button.

    A notification may be displayed to allow the application to access your contacts. These are not stored in Mimecast, and when composing emails, a list of the addresses will be shown.

  6. Add your password. This could be either a standard network password (Domain password), or your Administrator will issue a Mimecast Cloud password to you. Select the appropriate password type, then click the Login button.
  7. If the authentication of your details is successful, a welcome tour will be displayed allowing you to quickly step through a few of the main features.