Setting application preferences - Mimecast for Mac

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This article describes how end users can apply application preferences within Mimecast for Mac.



Applies to:

  • End users of Mimecast for Mac




Preferences can be accessed from the menu icon bar, or the app main window:


Setting the default email client composer

  1. Select the General tab.
  2. Using the Compose messages using dropdown select the default email client to be used when composing email sin Mimecast for Mac:
    1. Mimecast for Mac (default)
    2. Apple Mail (if installed)
    3. Microsoft Outlook (if installed)


Automatically load images in messages

  1. Select the Messages tab.
  2. Use the Automatically load images in messages checkbox to enable or disable this option.

Check for application updates

  1. Select the Updates tab.
  2. Click the Check Now button to check for updates.
  3. To adjust the frequency of update checks adjust the value of the Automatically check for updates every 1 days option.
  4. To automatically install new updates check the Automatically install updates check box.