Using Archive Folders in Mimecast Mobile

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This article describes how end users can interact with their Archive Folders within Mimecast Mobile.


Applies To:


  • End users of Mimecast Mobile
  • Accounts with Mimecast Synchronization Engine Folder Sync enabled




Archive Folders allow you to access your emails in the same folders as you access them in your mailbox, even if your mail server is unavailable, or if the email has since been deleted. Mimecast will display the current location for each email, and if an email has been deleted from your mail server, it will be displayed in the last location before it was deleted.


Browsing Archive Folders


  1. You can select Archive Folders from the main menu.
  2. Archive Folders are opened by default in List View, the Expand and Collapse icons in the top right hand corner control the view of the Archive Folders structure.
  3. Select Open to browse the contents of a folder.

    All emails that were ever present in the folder will be displayed if they have been archived by Mimecast.

  4. To return to the folder structure view click on the Folders icon.
  5. The list of Archive Folders may be filtered by entering text in the filter at the top of the folder structure view.
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