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You will be notified once all data on the provided transfer media is Ingested and available to users.

This excludes the provided list of inaccessible or corrupt files for you to resolve and re-provide which will be managed under a separate Legacy Archive Data Management process.

To complete the Legacy Archive Data Management process, you are asked for the following information within 10 working days:


  • That you, your users and experienced Mimecast Administrators have verified and are satisfied with the imported data (excluding the reported list of files with errors if any).
  • If you wish to resolve and re-provide any of the files listed above with errors (if any).
  • If you plan to provide more data.
  • If you have any queries or issues regarding your imported data.




Once you have reviewed the data, excluding that which was reported as having issues, and are satisfied that the data is as expected, or if 10 working days have passed, you will be notified that the import is deemed to be complete.


Should you wish to resolve the issues with the reported files and provide them again to Mimecast, a new Legacy Archive Data Management project will be created.  A repeat of this Legacy Archive Data Management process is performed for that data as a new Legacy Archive Data Management project.