Mimecast for Outlook: Sending Attachments via Large File Send

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You can send attachments safely and securely via Large File Send in Mimecast for Outlook. Once a Large File Send message has been successfully sent, a notification is displayed confirming that the message was sent. Should a Large File Send message fail, you can use the Large File Send Manager to attempt to resend or cancel the message in question.

For more information read the Using the Large File Send Dashboard page.

From Mimecast for Outlook v7.1, the maximum number of attachments that can be attached to a message using Large File Send is 100. If you have more than 100 attachments, we recommend using a ZIP archive.

Attach Large FilesTo send attachments via Large File Send:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Create a message.
  3. Open the Mimecast tab.
  4. Click the Attach Large Files icon. 
  5. Select the Files you want to attach.
    The selected files are attached to the message with a notification that they will be sent via Large File Send. The file extensions are changes to .LFS meaning you can't preview them. If you want to ensure you're sending the correct files, check them before selecting them.
  6. Click the Send button. The Large File Send options dialog is displayed.
  7. Amend the settings as required:
    Your administrator may enforce some or all of these settings, meaning you cannot override them.
    Field / OptionDescription
    Expiry Access to the Files AfterSelect the expiry date of the Large File Send request from the drop down. The actual expiry date is displayed to the right of the field. Once the specified date has been reached, the file can no longer be accessed via Large File Send.
    The "Custom" option allows you to set an expiry date that doesn't fit any of the other options (e.g. 28 days) but the specified value can not be more than 90 days.
    Notify Me When the Files are AccessedIf selected, you are notified when the recipient accesses the files via the Large File Send portal.
    Send me a Link to the FilesIf selected, you are sent a link to the files in the Large File Send portal.
    Invite Recipients to Send me Large FilesIf selected, the recipient can send file attachments back to you via Large File Send. They don't have to be Mimecast customers to do this. This functionality is useful when sending a file for comment or approval.
    Use an Access Key for Additional File SecurityIf selected, the recipient must authenticate themselves by using an access key, sent to them by the Large File Send portal, before being able to access the files.
  8. Click on the Send button. A progress notification popup dialog is displayed. This automatically closes when the message is successfully sent, and a notification popup message is displayed.


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